FH5 - Designs Won’t Transfer from FH4? (PC - Steam)

Hi all. So I’ve noticed that I can’t transfer my liveries from FH4 to FH5? When I go to that menu under “Designs & Paints” → “My Designs” → “Forza Horizon 4 Files”, nothing comes up! Is there a way that this can be fixed? Is it even an issue that’s being tracked?

I play both FH4 & FH5 on PC (4 via Microsoft Store & 5 via Steam). My Steam and Microsoft accounts are linked, too. I put in a lot of work to my FH4 vinyls, I’d really like to use them again!

Is there anything I can do? Thank you!

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Edit: sorry, going to go practice my reading comprehension.

Did you have FH4 on Xbox or Microsoft Store, and you were able to import liveries into the Steam version of FH5? I thought this couldn’t be done.

On xbox one x. Fh4 still doesn’t allow import from previous but fh5 is working for me at least. I pulled vinyls and liveries from fh4 and was able to see fh3.

Edit: Sorry I’m butting in on a pc or steam issue… I missed that in reading…

You could transfer them over from the MS store to the steam version of FH4, and save them on there through creative hub and share them again, I have mine on FH5 everything transferred over fine.

Yeah this is a specific issue related to the fact the Steam version uses a different save system to the Xbox and Windows Store PC versions which have interchangeable saves on the same cloud.