Can't transfer liveries/designs from FH4 on PC/Steam

I tried to transfer my designs from FH4 in the Horizon Festival and when I try, the Horizon 4 tab in “My Designs” is completely empty and I don’t get a prompt to sync my data through the Xbox app or however it normally works. Same thing with vinyl groups. My other friends who bought the Steam copy also are having the same issue.

I’ve spent 100+ hours in FH4 making decals and liveries so I’d rather not have to spend all those hours recreating them. Couldn’t find any mention of it in the official known issues thread.

Am I going to the wrong place to transfer them? Not sure if this is a bug or if there is another way to transfer over the designs.

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I have the same problem! If you find a solution let me know please.

Unfortunately, AFAIK you cannot do it. This question was raised a while back and the moderator here said you can only sync FH4 files if you have the Microsoft Store version. That’s if I’m remembering and understanding correctly.

It only works with the steam version. You can’t transfer the liveries from FH4 MS store version to FH5 steam version.

WOW. That is garrrrrrrrbage.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if that information had been, I don’t know, WIDELY DISSEMINATED AHEAD OF TIME?

Guess I’m starting over…

Anyone know if there are any plans to fix this? Seems a bit weird that you cant transfer over your data even if both games are linked with the same Xbox account.


2023 and this is still so. Apparently it’s not worth fixing even though it still forces us to use the Microsoft logon - one would think it’s then easier to sync data then. And as mentioned previously, there was no disclosure either.

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