FH2 to FH5 the playlist has point?

I first played Horizon on the free version of FH2. All support and added features were done. There was still the live server and lots of other players on line. It was a fun game with lots of replay value. In fact, I could probably go back to FH2, pick up where I left off, and enjoy the game again.

FH5 has a playlist and car collecting. And what is there after that?

Now there’s a new “season” and it’s basically rinse spit repeat. The added extreme e is just another bunch of cars to collect.

And the cars just go hummmm.

I don’t play a car game for cars that go hummmm.

I play a car game for cars the ROAR!

To that end, all I can say is the game is just a filler to keep me from being bored until something better comes along. And it’s starting to not work so well any more.

I think many people are waiting for Test Drive Solar Crown to arrive next year. Done right that could be the best open world car game yet. I also have high hopes for the next Need for Speed game.


I like FH5, but Solar Crown could kill FH. They need someone who knows how to do the physics… I know how to do the physics.

I’m not too interested in solar crown, the game play scenario doesn’t really interest me.

NFS is the one I’m most interested in seeing it hit the market. But I don’t know if it’s going to hit on xbox one or just be on the new consoles.

I now that if I can try it on ea-play and like it and have to go to a new console FH5 isn’t enough to hold me to the xbox line.

It’s strange to say that on an FH forum, when it’s almost identical to FH, and FH was based on it.

Sounds like you didn’t get to “endgame” of FH2 yet.

Hint: it includes same races you you have already done but this time you have to do them again, roughly 100 times, only difference is car you’re driving.

SC is far to geared around the house/clothes/status thing. Stuff all that crap in a bag and lets just build and race cars. Ok?

Again you describe FH?

I’m not interested in getting into one of your drawn out entertainment debates. I’ve stated my point well enough, if you can’t catch the jist of my point then there’s no point carrying this forward forever.

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Test Drive has you more interested in FH? Do yourself a favor and don’t get too hyped for it because you will be let down by the actual driving experience.

It’s a middle market (budget) game being promoted as AAA. The allure of the original was open world but there was nothing to do and barely anyone online playing.

Even when there was (in 1 & 2) nobody ever wanted to do head 2 head races which is a huge problem in horizon since after the 1st game. I’ve got like 600 hours into this game and challenged probably 1000 people and about 4 accepted.

One thing I don’t like about them is short cuts. Through the race. It should be a dynamically generated road route like it is now but with checkpoints along the way.

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No I have no clue what you mean. You are on a FH forum where clothes, houses, and Status are a main part of the game, complaining about another game where clothes, houses, and status are a part of that game also, but not considering that the main problem with FH is the Ai, so if they have better Ai then the game is better.

None of that makes any difference in a new game. It’s not like they will use any of that code.

Just like the playlist in later games then only…

  1. You can do them whenever you like as opposed to only being there for a week.
  2. There are some courses used in some championships that you don’t see that often.
  3. Over FH4 + FH5’s lives regular players will end/will have ended up racing the same bunch of tracks in championships with different cars a lot more than anyone 100%'ing FH2.

No of course not but what I’m saying is the new one is also a middle market title just like past TD games.

I also hope it’s good the more games and competition the better but because the new TD is being developed as what would release as a $40 game if it were priced based on quality and content, they are releasing at $70.

That’s kind of what Nacon does unfortunately. They copy other games. They also stole 2 games from frogwares interactive and somehow publish them under a different name.

I have high hopes too but based on their history, their technology and their business practices I’m tempering those expectations. Especially when it comes to the driving experience.


Are you saying that Test Drive has copied Forza Horizon? Test Drive was out first.

No. I didn’t say that at all. Nor did I imply it. I know TD was out first but it wasn’t the first open world racer either.

You need to read through the TDSC website about the gameplay. It sounds like they are trying to mix nfs and forza with lifestyles of the rich and famous.

And then cross breed that with a casino game.

I’ll definitely pass on TDSC.


Solar Crown mostly has a cult following. If it’s good, then it’ll definitely be a darling with racing game fans and older gamers, but I don’t really see it being big with younger and more casual audiences. Even if it’s good, a Forza killer it will not be.

I think the “Cult following” can apply to all video games. What counts is the size of the following. TDSC or any TD title doesn’t have a large following or a long life cycle.

Not having a regular release cycle isn’t helping it’s popularity. Only reason I know of it’s existence is the fact I have played many of the previous Test Drive titles, including the single player ones from many years ago.