Few questions about AI and multiplayer

  1. Does AI have some form of stupid speed advantage over player like in Forza Horizon 2? I personally experienced something like this and even recorded this Forza Motorsport 6 [XBOX ONE] gameplay: "cheating" AI - YouTube

  2. I was watching a video about how multiplayer is in Forza Horizon 3 Forza Horizon 3 - "Online Adventure" Multiplayer Race Session (uncut impression) - YouTube
    It was made over a year ago. Were there any changes regarding “driving to next event” and this stupid final ranking based on XP?

  3. Do I need to play single player so I will have cars that I can use in multiplayer? Or is the garage separate like in GRID 2?

1- yes, there is rubber banding. (That’s not forza horizon 2 in that video, but motorsport also has rubber banding)

2- I’ve never seen an instance when a player driving cleanly and placing at the top has lost an xp championship to someone lagging behind the pack while they drift (and the one time I saw someone attempt this, I decided to sacrifice myself and just follow that person around and crash into them at every corner.)

3-you can use rented cars in multi-player, but can’t upgrade them and will probably not be competitive. So yes, you should play campaign to unlock and upgrade cars. You can do co-op campaign as a compromise between mp and sp, I guess.

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i have seen some people that know that aren’t going to win the race because they are in a very un-competitive car (like SUV’s or Pick-ups/Utes) that drift round the circuit to make up the XP difference between winner and them. Not saying everybody does this though.

hope this helps