Festival Playlist events and rewards Mar. 28 - Apr. 4 (Summer S32)

Metal Shed Motorworks
--------by Cashless--------

Forzathon Weekly Challenge
“What to Drive?”
2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI - SC 766 092 725 (B700)
When given a choice, always choose the wagon! :wink:

The Trial
“Young and Old” A800 Modern Sports Cars
2022 Toyota GR86 - SC 728 183 642 (A800)
This has just what every 86 needs, more horsepower! :horse_racing: :joy:

Seasonal Championships
“Superpowered” S1 900 Super GT
2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - SC 654 686 583 (S1 900)
Built to handle all of the curves and Benz, no problems. :upside_down_face:

“A Rally Good Tour” B700 Japanese Modern Rally
2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI - SC 766 092 725 (B700)
B class modern rally in the playlist?! Unheard of! :roll_eyes:

“Racing the Streets” S1 900 Track Toys
2013 Ferrari 458 Speciale - SC 795 893 188 (S1 900)
This is one of my favorite Ferraris, I guess you could say it’s Speciale! :rofl:

“A Good Sport” B700 Sports Utility Heroes
2017 Maserati Levante S - SC 360 213 685 (B700)
Did you ever know you are my :notes:…awww nawww!! :hear_no_evil: :smiling_face_with_tear:

RA Seasonal Championship
“From Strength to Strength” A800 Modern Muscle
2018 Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5 - SC 225 192 194 (A800)
A great substitute when you can’t get your hands on one of those sweet Mustang II’s! :crazy_face:

HW Seasonal Championship
“Cryptid Sightings” S1 900 Rally Monsters
1986 Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution - SC 146 117 066 (S1 900)
Go full on Boris Pickett and do the “Monster Mash”! :smiling_imp:

PR Stunts
All PR stunts this week are S2 998 Anything Goes.
2020 Koenigsegg Jesko - SC 151 292 347 (S2 998)

Thank you guys for your continued support and I hope these work well for everyone this week! :crossed_fingers: As always, thanks for keeping it Cashless!! :pray: :blush:

Happy driving all!! :grin:


Got some time so I will take it for a spin. Need a third for tomorow…this week is very underwhelming. Thinking of running the trial at least 3 times or so just to occupy my day off.

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I do enjoy some modern rally……but playground is making it very difficult. :rofl:

I’ll be doing it just to combine forzathon.

Interesting that you say that. I found the opposite, as mentioned in the other thread.

I think it sounds great. Also, set a personal best by 1.3 seconds in one of the street race rivals. Mine’s a rally tires build with full aero and full weight drop.

Had to crank the center diff a little more but it worked for me. The design is absolutely stunning. I’ll be using it elsewhere……probably as part of my FCG track testing.

OT: I’ll be paying attention to see how quickly those race-off meters fill, considering I’ll be doing championships in back to back series. Haven’t done that in awhile.

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Best of luck! :crossed_fingers: I’m expecting it to be brutal tomorrow until you get away from the pack! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yes that first corner has always been pretty brutal. I am still trying to get the alpine 110 right as the take off on that thing is nice. I can’t get the arb’s or the accel right though lol. I get it close…then just scrap it and start over. Been a brutal rinse and repeat thing the past two days. I get way out ahead of the AI though with my gearing…but it is stiff on corners still.

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Keep in mind, that was just a quick test as received, with zero mods or tuning, as compared to some of the other similar class cars we’ve received recently doing the same. I didn’t really have time to give it a true shakedown. If you end up sharing your tune, let me know & I’ll give it a try.

Thanks very much for saying so & checking it out; I truly appreciate it!

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Welcome to the club! Let me know if you want a t-shirt too :joy: (nice work on these :+1:t2:)

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A800 modern rally would be so good for a change


Pretty much a carbon copy of my European MSC Trial from the last series, Griffith with ShaggyScroll’s tune, burn everyone on launch, reach the 1st corner so far ahead of the other humans that being corner bombed is impossible, pass AI with ease early and cruise the rest of the way, Griffith isn’t the quickest car lap wise on AOM but it’s certainly the best for nullifying potential teammate stupidity.

Another lazy, no effort/ability player being rewarded for contributing absolutely nothing though :roll_eyes: just in case people think I’m just being horrible look at this on Sierra Verde…

That should never ever receive the 10pts like the rest of the team, luckily between the picture and the end the TT user passed all 3 drivatars along with a couple of other teammates improving.


The Mclaren Artura is incorrect, it doesn’t have a reverse gear, it uses the electric motor to reverse yet in game it has engine noise.

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The Sparco was a pain with just vinyls. The S was surprisingly challenging to do without a background or masking. It looks so simple. It’s worth it if you’re bored some day though.


I am trying to figure out how that person in the supra got such a low placement lol. That car like the griffith is a monster at take off. Thank you for posting…I was not aware of the second race…and wanted to do a run on it before doing the trial this morning.

Mclaren 2023 Artura (Manchester City): 170 585 563
The ol’ @AudioRebelUK special

Mclaren 2023 Artura (Gulf): 150 825 719
It’s uh… completely different.


I lucked up and got a good Trial today! :partying_face: Managed two good starts and the rest fell into place! :blush:

Best of luck to all!! :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:


Managed a good team the second time around. Won the first time around but got knocked back into 6th place by some rammers who thought causing the team to nearly lose was the purpose of the race. Second time around I got this…and the third time…I managed a 3:08 in my bmw z4…don’t know how it was not my fastest build…but hey I will take it. Done with the trial this week. Too many people th inking we are playing wreckfest and not forza this morning for me.


“Done with the trial this week. Too many people thinking we are playing wreckfest and not forza this morning for me”.

Unfortunately there’s four Mexico Seasonal Championships for the next four weeks… it’s bad enough doing the Trial on Co-op let alone doing it again 4 times over on Mexico S.Cs (or a total of 7 ‘Drunkatar-chasing’ races if you go for the Rally & Hot Wheels Championships too).
On the plus-side, just 20 points is all one requires for a new car each week this month.

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I quit co ops after FH4…I would love to find a group though to do a few with once in a while again. Kind of miss those days. I am glad to be done with this weeks points already. Kind of a meh week in my opinion. The AI were kind of mean this week haha.

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Subaru 2004 Impreza WRX STI (Trial Killer): 172 529 327
This was from early in my “Sponsored” phase, so a lot of the logos are “manufacturer” ones that come stock with the game. So next time this comes up I’ll try to update it with logos that I made instead.

Tony’s Tune “Trial Killer”: 105 286 919
It’s overpowered… but you have to use m/c (or at the very least manual) to get the most out of it because the optimal shift points for the engine that’s swapped in is more like 5500 rpm instead of the 7k or so that it defaults to.