Festival Playlist events and rewards Apr. 4 - 11 (Autumn S32)

Summer Season Festival Playlist (FH5 Horizon Race-Off - S32)

Here are the details on this week’s events and rewards. Share tips along with your tuning setup codes.

The 2020 Audi TT RS Coupe is this week’s new exclusive reward car from the Festival Playlist.


The season starts at 7:30am Pacific on April 4 and ends Thursday, April 11, 2024 2:30 PM
This is the second season of the Horizon Race-Off series.


Horizon Race-Off pitches two new community-wide goals for our players to complete, one for Asphalt Racing and one for Off-Roading. After each goal has been met every player will receive a reward in their Message Center. For Asphalt Racers, complete Road & Drag Racing, Street Racing, and Midnight Battles in Mexico; Speed Racing in Hot Wheels; Apex Predators Races in Rally Adventure. For Offroad Racers, complete Dirt Racing and Cross Country Racing in Mexico; Hazard Racing in Hot Wheels; Grit Reapers Races and Horizon Raptors Races in Rally Adventure. See the Festival Playlist menu for activity in the progress bar for each challenge.

  • Asphalt Racers Reward: 2024 Ford Mustang GT (newly added Seasonal Exclusive car)
  • Offroad Racers Reward: 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R (newly added Seasonal Exclusive car)


Points are accumulated across all four seasons. Each event in the Festival Playlist has a number of points to earn noted in the bottom left corner of the event tile. Accumulate points with any combination of completed events to earn the first reward car, and continue earning points from remaining events to earn the second reward car. Cars noted as Seasonal Exclusive are not available in the Autoshow, so grab them while you can! But don’t worry if you miss them, these cars may come back again for future Festival Playlists.

Series total: 292 Points

  • Series Reward: 1986 Audi #2 Audi Sport quattro S1 (Seasonal Exclusive car) (80 points)
  • Series Reward: 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante (Seasonal Exclusive car) (160 points)

Season Total: 73 Points

  • Season Reward: 2020 Audi TT RS Coupe (newly added Seasonal Exclusive car) (20 points)
  • Season Reward: 2015 Honda Ridgeline Baja Trophy Truck (Seasonal Exclusive car) (40 points)


Completing these events earn seasonal points plus Forzathon Points (FP) which can be used in the Forzathon Shop.

#Forzathon Weekly Challenge
(5 pts) These four challenges must be completed in sequence.

Double Numbers
Muscle vs. Rally Own and drive either the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport 454 or the 1980 Renault 5 Turbo
Rough and Tumble Earn 10 Ultimate Wreckage Skills in Tierra Pròspera in your Chevy or Renault
Zooming in on Speed Earn 3 stars at any Speed Zone in your Chevy or Renault
Crossing in the Streets Win any Dirt Race or Street Race in your Chevy or Renault

#Forzathon Daily Challenges
(1 pt each) Each new challenge starts daily at 6:30am PT and is open for 7 days.

On Brand Take a photo of any Modern Sports Car at the Race Off Festival Site at Carretera Chase
Drifting the Roads Earn 6 Drift Skills at the Horizon Apex Outpost
Player Made Play any EventLab from the Creative Hub
A Bird? A Plane? Earn 3 Stars at any Danger Sign in any Modern Supercar
Spare Cash Spend 30,000 Credits on Upgrades
Itali-vroom! Reach 150mph in any Italian Car
Stage and Showcase Complete any Showcase Event


Toggle the menu to show the rewards and restrictions for each event - if you complete the event in a car outside the restrictions or fail to meet the target, you won’t get the reward and points from completion. You must have unlocked the Hall of Fame with Accolade points to enter the Trial. Access to Rally Adventure events require defeating the three team champions. Access to Hot Wheels events requires the Hot Wheels Expansion DLC; users without the DLC will still be able to gold the season and unlock the “Min, Meet Max” Achievement without these event points.

Pts Event Name Requirement Route
10 The Trial We Don’t Need Roads! (A800) USA Dirt Racing (Tulum Trail)
3 Playground Games Keeping the Crown (S2 998) Anything Goes Baja Circuit - Team King
2 Danger Sign Runway (S2 998) Anything Goes - 1,969 feet
2 Drift Zone Reservoir (S2 998) Anything Goes - 260,000 points
5 Championship Hatchback Into Hero (C600) Retro Hot Hatch Road Racing (Playa Azul Circuit)
5 Championship Jeep, Jeep, Coming Through! (B700) Jeep Dirt Racing (Mulegé Town Scramble)
5 Championship Triple C (C600) Decade: 1970s Street Racing (Carretera Chase)
5 Championship Unlimited Power (A800) Unlimited Offroad Cross Country Racing (Herencia CC Circuit)
3 Treasure Hunt Rind the Bend Upgrades taste sweet as you Peel around corners and drift into triple stardom
2 Photo Challenge #TopDog Photograph any Hypercar at the Hotel Castillo Santa Cecilia Hotel Castillo Santa Cecilia
3 Collectibles Rally to Swim Smash 10 Offroad Helmet Piñatas in Playa Azul
2 RA Danger Sign Dunes (S2 998) Anything Goes - 821 feet
5 RA Championship Making Tracks (B700) Modern Rally Forest Trail
2 HW Speed Trap Dragon’s Fall (S2 998) Anything Goes - 250 mph
5 HW Championship Like My Old Video Games! (B700) Classic & Retro Rally Dragon’s Fall Speed Circuit


The total points from Monthly events are divided by four when applied to individual seasons. Completing the events will apply (4 / 4) = 1 point for each Rivals event, (1 x 2) = 2 points maximum applied to each season in this series. Post a clean lap to complete Rivals events; cars are stock and provided as free rentals for the event. This is also an opportunity to test drive new reward cars before you can collect them.

Pts Event Car Route
1 Monthly Rivals River Scramble Ford F-150 Raptor R
1 Monthly Rivals Vista Del Mar Sprint Ford Mustang GT '24


tulum trail up first

It’s been Talum trail all weekend lol. Love this upcoming week…we got more than one rally finally!!!

Tough decision on what to use in the upcoming Trial. I’m leaning towards the Ford Dually and the Forsberg Safari Z Tribute and maybe the '05 Ford GT.

Not because I think they’re the best choices but moreso because I like the way they drive and not everyone will choose them.


Ford GT 05’ is one of my favorite cars in FH4 and FH5…and pretty much life lol. I put a decent dirt tune on it yesterday. That one and the cosworth are a crowd favorite of my discord group of fellow ford rally lovers. Too many choices this time around…and not bad ones either. Extreme E’s, Rubicon, and Raptors are also really good. My raptor is going to try some rivals times tonight before I head to sleep. I was putting down some serious times on unbeatable with it…as well as the extreme that bullies the AI. Nothing like punting an unbeatable AI and taking that first corner on Talum without getting ransacked.

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SafariZ is a strong choice.

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Thank You! Very much appreciated! :+1: :hugs:

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thank you

Given that it looks like we may need 3 stars (or 3 stars in total) from a Drift Zone in an upgraded Peel. I went ahead and tested it last night at the Reservoir zone. Apologies for the lack of drift skills.

You could even double up and get the PR stunt too

ABS/Traction On
Stability Off

Tune used:
Car: 1962 Peel P50
Tune: B Class
Class: B Class
Share Code: 107 752 823
Creator: LostPhoenixUK


I’ve not put my First look video out yet but its all recorded and just needs time coding and thumbnail making

For the trial, I have suggested The Chevelle with a tune by Cashless that I’m using for the Forzathon, the Dually and the Cossie V2. I will likely go with the Dually personally because it’s so much fun off road with the tune I’ve applied so a good choice I think


Shouldn’t “Collectables” be called “Breakables”? Because you don’t collect them, just break them. If you actually had an in-game trophy cabinet for prizes won, then that could hold these.

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These might help :smile:

Tune SC: 120 088 658 - “GSX•R Rocket”
Design SC: 990 177 268 - “GSX•R Style”

Design SC: 119 290 478 - “P-51 Peelstang”


Nice designs.

I realised from my thumbnail that it looks like an OG Postman Pat van. Maybe I can find an appropriate RM design. A drifting post van. Delivering your post…In Style!

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Thanks! Sorry for the lack of share codes, but I’m not on line to pull them. I’ve had those out there for a while, based on my favorite bike: the Suzuki GSX•R & of course the “Peelstang” is pretty obvious :smile:
Thought the “Don’t Panic” sticker on yours is quite appropriate :joy:

That was added in the thumbnail. It’s a stock design on the car. I will try to add a Don’t Panic sticker to it later though.

This is my original image

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Thanks for the safari recommendation shadow. Had it on telemetry this morning…and got it running nicely. It’s a beast!! New car I never messed with before, and it is quit fast. It doesn’t seem like it is either. I thought it was slow till I looked at the speedometer haha.

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The SafariZ has always been one of my go to rally cars whenever it’s eligible. I think it’s a car pass car so maybe not everyone has had the pleasure of using it but it’s highly recommended.

Plus, it’s kind of funny to use a Nissan 370Z in a USA Trial:)

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I hit 158 mph on that last stretch and thought it was going slow…till I seen the speedometer. It is a smooth vehicle. I never used it before…always go to my cossie. I like trying out new vehicles…well not all. The Dart has been a tough one to get right.

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Driving a Peel is probably going to be the least favorite thing developers of any driving game ive ever played has ever tried to get me to do. I didnt do anything to them, i dont deserve that. At the very least, the could have made the challenge just to roll that 3 wheeled sadness bubble down a hill or something. Or to drive it off a cliff into Copper Canyon.

But since i found out that the championships can be done in co op, looking forward to just about everything else.

I hear ya, but with a few “upgrades”, it’s a bit less painful & it honestly cracks me up every time I drive it bc it’s so OP :joy: