Festival Playlist events and rewards Apr. 4 - 11 (Autumn S32)

It’s disappointing the '24 Mustang GT is already available in the auction house. There will be tons of tunes and liveries already available by the time everyone gets access to it.

PG should have banned it from the auction house if they aren’t able to stop players from hacking it into the game.


Agreed :100:

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Right now this is mostly to act as a placeholder and establish the framework. All the new liveries will get shared tomorrow, but I’ll get them listed out so it’s easier for me when I actually share them.

AMC 1973 Gremlin X (Futurama): 855 865 505
Cadillac 2016 ATS-V (Futurama): 470 755 697
Deberti 1961 Ford Econoline ‘Shop Rod’ (Futurama): 109 867 146
Delorean 1982 DMC-12 (Futurama): 579 303 741

Dodge 1968 Dart Hemi Super Stock (Futurama): 837 262 798
Ford 1966 Lotus Cortina (Futurama): 125 491 156
Ford 2005 GT (Futurama): 438 186 550
Forsberg Racing 2014 Nissan ‘SafariZ’ 370Z Safari Rally Tribute (Futurama): 525 384 955
Forsberg Racing 2014 Nissan ‘SafariZ’ 370Z Safari Rally Tribute (Forsberg Gulf): 972 634 371

Ford 1964 GT40 MK1 (Futurama): 139 453 394
Ford 1970 GT70 (Futurama): 697 005 880

Hot Wheels 1949 Ford F-5 Dually Custom Hot Rod (Futurama): 126 785 835
Jeep 2012 Wrangler Rubicon (Golden Mountains): 780 846 617
Plymouth 1971 Cuda 426 Hemi (Futurama): 388 349 032
Plymouth 1971 Cuda 426 Hemi (White Cuda): 144 806 890
Plymouth 1971 Cuda 426 Hemi (Wakanda Forever): 778 491 276
Plymouth 1971 Cuda 426 Hemi (Purple Cuda): 139 322 084
Plymouth 1971 Cuda 426 Hemi (Yellow Cuda): 685 017 518
Pontiac 1968 Firebird (Futurama): 160 285 207

Hot Wheels 2000 Deora II (Futurama): 956 415 343

Shelby 1965 Daytona Coupe (Futurama): 154 823 552
Shelby 1967 GT 500 (Futurama): 249 390 237

Shelba 1965 Cobra 427 S/C (Futurama): 107 253 227

All liveries shared! What a week! I’m very proud of some of the line work I did, and even if the Futurama designs aren’t popular, they’ll serve as a basis for other liveries going forward. I’m particularly proud of The Cortina, the gremlin, and Iove the center stripe on the ATS-V on the sides. I’m NOT pleased with the “Shop Rod”. It looks all well and good in the designer and in Forzavista… but when you take it out into the world the lines on the back don’t line up. I could mess with it so that it’s off in the designer, but good in the world… but I don’t have time. It’ll be fine. My favorite for looks is probably the Hotwheels Dually. As Bravo says, we spend a lot of time working on things that nobody will notice, and this one is more complicated than it looks (but it looks sharp).

These are first liveries on a bunch of them.

I found this shot that gives a good glimpse of the side of the Cortina that wraps around toward the rear, the gremlin with the work around the windows, and that side middle stripe on the ATS-V.

On to vinyl groups.

Enjoy Slurm: 133 443 462
Planet express (white on black): 559 133 159
Planet express (color): 127 793 413
Planet express (black on white): 147 217 536
Slurm logo: 659 085 751

This got kicked off because earlier last week I spotted a planet express vinyl in real life. I was like… “I can totally make that”.

I really dig the color combinations that resulted.


Probably won’t do any of the SC’s myself but some recommendations, already went through the Trial in the preview thread…

'74 Civic with Saeenu’s tune, FWD on this, the '97 Civic, Integra, '92 Golf or CR-X will give you a stronger car here but this is AWD, should still be easy enough to handle.

Jeep CJ5 with LogikJ or Fenrir3268’s tune, if you’re a M/MC player tunes with the diesel engine will also be very strong for this, you know when it’s been swapped in by the huge torque stat, can still work for auto but you won’t get the most out of it.

Firebird '77 with Mustuff124’s tune, I have a tune for the Capri up that will fit here but I don’t know how well it would perform on Carretera, but this is one of the strongest AWD cars I have for power courses, did a 2:57.6 on Carretera which is very good for a non-powerbuild car.

Any decent Trailcat tune or I know I might get lynched for this but the #99 Extreme E with geist’s tune, should be very good on a course like Herencia and it’s incredibly simple to drive.


peel drift zone . . . weren’t these things go-to for ridiculous scores in Horizon 4?

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I took the delorean and spent some time tuning it. Instead of more power put some of that into race brakes (listed tune had horrible stop power)…and shaved 2 seconds off my time… Really is a nice vehicle for this course once you dial in the accel/decel settings. I am happy to finally get a chance in a trial to use this vehicle.

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Now that I’ve seen most of the soaking wet courses here are my recc’s:

The Trial We Don’t Need Roads! (A800) USA Dirt Racing (Tulum Trail) :
→ Try my 70 Chevelle SS that can also be used in the Forzathon. Top .1% tune on Tulum Trail SHARECODE 647 111 833

Championship Hatchback Into Hero (C600) Retro Hot Hatch Road Racing (Playa Azul Circuit)
→ 84 CRX for strong AWD option. SHARECODE 125 263 882

Championship Jeep, Jeep, Coming Through! (B700) Jeep Dirt Racing (Mulegé Town Scramble)
→ Jeep CJ5 likely the strongest but try my Rubicon for another strong option. SHARECODE 145 084 424

Championship Triple C (C600) Decade: 1970s Street Racing (Carretera Chase)
→ AWD Ford Capri. SHARECODE 174 406 362
(Thank you for the idea TheGillesMuller)

Championship Unlimited Power (A800) Unlimited Offroad Cross Country Racing (Herencia CC Circuit)
→ Extreme E very strong on Herencia. This tune is top .07% on that course. SHARECODE 182 725 084
An unusual choice that will haul butt on the last 2 courses is my Deberti F150. SHARECODE 170 519 210


Metal Shed Motorworks
--------by Cashless--------

Forzathon Weekly Challenge
“Double Numbers”
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport 454 - SC 169 916 561 (A800)
Built for dirt and can be used in the Trial if you so choose. :wink:

The Trial
“We Don’t Need Roads!” A800 Country: USA
1965 Pontiac GTO - SC 534 795 411 (A800)
2001 Acura Integra Type-R - SC 173 632 177 (A800)
The GTO is Great To Offroad but the Acura is just as fun with a fraction of the displacement. :crazy_face: The GTO is slightly quicker but I’ll be in the Acura. :woman_shrugging:

“Keeping The Crown” S2 998 Anything Goes
2010 Mosler MT900S - SC 339 462 777 (S2 992)
Great for PR stunts this week as well. :+1:

Seasonal Championships
“Hatchback Into Action” C600 Retro Hot Hatch
1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI - SC 110 723 637 (C600)
That’s one fast Rabbit! :joy:

“Jeep, Jeep, Coming Through!” B700 Jeep
1976 Jeep CJ5 Renegade - SC 671 711 100 (B700)
Drop the top and the competition! :smiling_imp:

“Triple C” C600 Decade: 1970s
1970 Chevrolet El Camino Super Sport 454 - SC 619 227 956 (C600)
Is it a truck or a car? :thinking: Who cares?..it’s fast! :grin:

“Unlimited Power” A800 Unlimited Offroad
2018 Deberti Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - SC 646 198 527 (A800)
Beep, beep, I got the keys to Jeep…vroom! :notes::notes:

Rally Adventure Seasonal Championship
“Making Tracks” B700 Modern Rally
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR - SC 134 438 401 (B700)
Built for dirt, put it to work! :muscle:

HW Seasonal Championship
“Like My Old Video Games!” B700 Classic and Retro Rally
1973 Ford Escort RS 1600 - SC 134 444 617 (B700)
This is one of my favorites, starting with FH4…enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

PR Stunts
All stunts are S2 998 Anything Goes
2010 Mosler MT900S - SC 339 462 777

Best of luck to all this week and thanks for keeping it Cashless!! :grin:

Happy driving all!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I love any chance to drive the deberti jeep…it seems even at the end of FH4 I was given less and less of a chance to use it, and now it has just been sitting in my garage getting cob webs and leaving oil stains on my floor. Time to dust it off :).


I have a Deberti logo vinyl group. I used it on the shop rod but I imagine it would have application on the wrangler as well.

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Thank you. Going to give it a shot…just got back from the emergency so hoping I am well enough to play tomorrow. Going to be in an antibiotic slump all day for the next 10 days lol. But I got your design when I run it…last week I apologize I only used 1 of your designs. I like to keep it in house…but have just been feeling bad. Now I know why lol.


they’re super easy for drifting, you can basically hold the throttle and e-brake down at the same time. I set 2 pb’s back to back:

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extreme e is so easy it’s almost boring, and I do in fact have a trailcat tune shared that’s top 500 tulum trail


That 65 Pontiac GTO dirt tune is seriously fast. Have been chasing your ghost in my Chevelle and you are flying!

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you think it’ll work without upgrades, this throttle/handbrake thing?!!!

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I can do up a livery with that vinyl group. Any color scheme preferences? Other sponsors (among ones I’ve already done)?

Well, I did some line work and can substitute colors or add sponsors as needed:

Deberti 2018 Wrangler Unlimited (Deberti Logo): 555 765 608


Nice livery!

Easy trial wins with the @x_ShadowsBane_x Dually.

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@cashless, that GTO is quality, won both races by over 15 seconds and nearly lapped a guy on the 2nd race :rofl:

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Has anyone managed to complete this ridiculous treasure hunt? Because, apparently, upgrading the Peel and 3 starring drift zones doesn’t work! Got to be the worst Seasonal challenge to date in this game and illustrates that there is zero thought going into these playlists…just throwing random things together with no thought for whether it is sensible or not.