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GT: Cheesed 0ff (with a zero)
Console: Xbox One
Previous Forzas played: All
Painting since Forza 2

Some may remember me from previous Forza incarnations. My old GT was Nucleofector.
I will be popping a few Horizon 2 designs up, once I host my images.
Not done many so far, I guess I was painting more in FM5. Now I have completed the achievements, I will be a little more productive in the paint department.

Feel free to add comments, I will do my best to reply asap.

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Enzo Ferrari

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Shelby Daytona

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GoPro Lotus

Work in Progress - Squadra Corse Gallardo

Aston DBR1

Ferrari 250 GTO

250 Testarossa

Very nice mate. Like the Shelby and Lotus. Perhaps two Swiss watch companies on one car (Ferrari Enzo) a bit strange and the layer order on the rear of the Testarossa looks kinda weird. Still nice paints mate.

The Testarossa is based on a real car that I made in FM5 too. Point taken on the Enzo, but I rarely share designs.

Looking good mate if your going to leave the overlap on the testarossa though id probably do the number plate as it looks a bit wierd with just the stripes over the number

Made it in FM5, never had any downloads then, so I generally paint for myself these days.

I never got many downloads on FM5 either but since being more active on here my paints are doing a lot better (normally 50k a day)


Loctite McLaren F1

Ferrari F50

UK DVLA font, normally the first thing I paint in every Forza. Can be shared if anyone is learning to trace and paint.

Font is looking awesome great job…

It remember you mate had a few of ur paints in fm5 nice to c u in here !some nice designs so far that NEED to be shared, I’m the same as you plenty of fm5 paints with hardly any downloads only livery contest winners did any good for me but there’s always 1 forum member who will love it
Remember sharing is caring

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Good to see u back cheese mate , leave the crew and come back lol