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Love your work. Thank you for your designs!! Will follow and download tonight!

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Cheers guys, I have been taking a break from painting, but found some time to paint and share this Huracan.

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Nice to see you back, the design looks brilliant!

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Cheese old boy nice paint to come back with mate , seen some of yr mini’s earlier nice and clean brother

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Thank you gents. I have spent a chunk of time today remaking a load of logos. As some will know, once I start a design, I often do not stop until It’s done. 7 hrs or so after starting I have ended up giving the Metro 6R4 a shiny new replica paint. If people want it I can share.

Reference Shot

Metro’s spot on mate

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Beauty that 6r4

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Thanks again chaps.

I made this 650s last year when the pack came out. Not sure if it is shared as I wasn’t over the moon with the design. I just wanted something to put on the car. The car is looser than a dead man’s handshake too, so I tend not to bother driving it much either.

Clean n fresh as ever

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WIP for the 458 Speciale

Your paints looks really great!! I love the Huracan you made. Turn10 gifted me like 4 (don’t know why tho) so I need to find good designs for them and yours is perfect ^^

Ah thanks Dude.
I did a lot of Blancpain designs in FM5. I haven’t quite got my head into the zone of remaking the watch face designs made before. I might make one if there is enough interest.

458 looks good

Cheers Dose.
I updated slightly with the Speciale striping on the top and the addition of the white GoPro panel on the side.

I’m digging the McLaren but that Ferrari is looking like a real gem, always a fan of your work. Keep it up.

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Cheers Ace. Still finding it a slow pace painting compared to FM5. Might do some more rally next.

Updated and shared

Gonna’ go download that Ferrari mate, she’s a beauty! Keep up the great work.

Cheers Ace