Favorite cars for Online?


Just wondering which cars people think are best to use for online and which tunes do you like to use?

E Class:
D Class:
C Class:
B Class:
A Class:
S Class:
R Class:
P Class:
X Class:

It’s very hard to say because different cars suit different tracks. Also you have to take in account your own driving style, weather conditions and things like that. These are my favorite cars to use, but there not the fastest.
E: 1965 Mini Cooper S
D: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST
C: 2015 Audi S1
B: 2000 BMW Z8
A: 2014 BMW M4 (Or) 2014 Ferrari California T
S: 2004 Maserati MC12 (Or) 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale
R: 2013 Mclaren P1 (Or) 2014 AF Corse 458 GTLM
P: 1999 BMW V12 LMR
X: 2014 lotus E21

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I think this higly depend on your driving skills. Often a “slower” car may be better for a average driver. From my point of view, selecting a car from LB, including the LB Tune is for many drivers not a good choice. This cars often require a very skilled driver. So there is no general answer. In any case, depending on your driving skill, power and speed is nothing without control! Especialy in online racing.

In the moment i’m focused online on GT league … this is higly influencing my R Class Answer

D to A: not so much a special preferd Car. In B and A I often use Japan AWD’s
S Class: Maserati MC12
R Class: Lamboghini Galardo (#14) or Audi, may be Ferrari 458 GTLM
X Class: Lotus e21 - but only with TCS, without TCS the worst car for me

Exactly. I often find im quicker in a ‘normal’ car than i am in something thats considered a LB car. For example on forza 4 i would go quicker in a lotus eleven than an elise.

Just because somebody chooses a leaderboard car doesnt mean they are going to blotz the field.

My fav cars aren’t restricted by class, I tune and drive the cars that are fun and possibly quirky.

I love the VW Bug, Neon SRT AWD, love the Madza 2 (which unfortunately is gone), Firebird and TransAm, all the Camaros, Audi A2 wagon is fun in RWD, lots of sedans, etc … rarely drive anything exotic, but have only done the lower classes in FM6 so far. I like the Countach, Maranello, ocassionally an engine swapped 70s -80s BMW in the higher classes when I do.

I generally like cars that are easy to control and ‘underdog’ cars that don’t make me feel bad to end mid pack, or make me feel really good to place higher or get a decent time comparatively. Its fun to watch others make mistakes, while I just chug along patiently, and I know those guys get mad placing behind me lol

B: E30 M3, 95 Cobra R
A: IROC, Supra, Syclone (wet)9

When people are using LB cars, I automatically assume they’re going to drive like a(n)( insert insult here) and I have yet to be proven wrong. They seem to think because of the fact they’re using it, they’re automatically faster than you and gives them the right to run you off the track. The worst ones I’ve encountered are BAC Mono drivers. Had one that got so mad about not winning at Prague reverse short, he pulled out the van and began a wrecking spree that lasted 3 or 4 races.

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I used to race a lot of A class but like above, I got sick of guys in BAC’s and Stradales thinking they ran the show and when they found themselves behind anybody not driving one most of the time most of them resorted to ramming us off the road.

Back on topic I race R Class now. Much more refined and realistic personally speaking and I love driving the Chevy CR7 (sp?), Gallardo and BMW M3 GT2 race cars. The M3 being a personal favourite of the 3.

A Class: Subaru BRZ (or) BMW M3 E36

S Class: Saleen S7 (or) Viper GTS