Fanatec Wheel support

Please support the entire Fanatec lineup on PC this time.

I have the CSL Elite for PS4. The Formula V2 wheel (an Xbox wheel which makes it Xbox compatible) and V3 Pedals.

With the hype of the new game coming I decided to re-install FM7 (I had a G920 when I first got the game) and couldn’t believe this wasn’t supported out of the box. The stuffing around and manually setting it up was painful and it still feels terrible and randomly loses all FFB. I have uninstalled and gone back to Assetto Corsa Competizione. Really disappointing as I was pretty hyped to get back into Forza.


The support I am wanting, seems to be something that is in Microsoft’s court. Yes, I know… Turn 10 is a subsidiary of Microsoft, and them bending someone’s ear to get full compatibility with Fanatec’s steering wheels. All the buttons, switches, LED’s and telemetry displays should work. The wheel rims are specifically made for Xbox compatibility, so they should work. What gives?

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Hi friends, what is the best fanatec for series x and forza? Any suggestions?

Hi Cescoss.
Well, “best” is what you can afford. There are several models from high end and very pricey (but worth the money) to good quality with much bang for the buck.

Ok, let me break it down for you:
If you play on Xbox, you can use each fanatec wheel base available, as long as you attach a wheel(-rim) that is xbox compatible, since the xbox ID-chips are installed in fanatecs wheel attachments. Which means you can also use a wheel base that is playstation branded, as long as you get a xbox wheel.

If you play Xbox / PC only (and not playstation at all) then the best, but also most expensive wheel base is the DD2. That is a powerful, very awesome direct drive wheel with up to 25 newtonmeter force feedback. This is total overkill, though, if you don’t play professional e-sports. It will set you back by 1500 Euro / Dollars for the wheel base alone. Plus a xbox compatible wheel, plus a set of pedals (cheapest are 80 bucks and they are ok, but I’d rather take the much better CSL Pedals for 360 bucks)

Even the smaller version of that particular wheel (called DD1) is awesome but with its 20 newtonmeter force it is also made for people that are really heavy into racing games. I use the DD1 myself. Actually I use the DD1 variant called “podium racing wheel F1”, because I also play on Playstation. When I combine that wheel base with an xbox compatible wheel, I can use it on both systems. its quite expensive through. (1800 bucks blundled with a formula1 wheel rim).

The more budget friendly wheel base would be the Gran Turismo DD Pro (PlayStation / PC compatible out off the box, but can be used with Xbox with the right wheel) and its counterpart, the CSL DD, which is for Xbox and PC only. Depending on the set you choose, you can enter that at 350 bucks (plus Pedals and wheel) to up to 700 Bucks (bundled with pedals and wheel)

Both start with 5 newtonmeter force but can be enhanced with a better power supply, so that they have 8 Newtonmeter force feedback. While 5 NM is ok, 8 Newtonmeters are really good for beginners and advanced players, since that is the range where you really start feeling how your car reacts on track… . It really is much bang for the buck.

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Very thanks my friend! Yes i know the big price for fanatec. My idea is a medium system, i don’t undestand cleary the fanatec web site. I play only on xbox and pc, no problem with ps absence.

I come from the ms xbox360 wheel… i’m a beginner/advanced player…thank you i think the best for me it’s the 8 newtonmeter, but with great pedals and clutch.

In this case, this is your choice:

  • CSL DD with the “boost Kit” which makes it have 8 newtonmeter force,
  • a Xbox compatible wheel
  • the CSL Pedals

unfortunately, the CSL DD is sold out as of now, since it is very popular. You might have to take the Gran Turismo DD instead, which is technically the same wheel, just PlayStation compatible.

A Hint from my side: If you like a Touring-Car style wheel that can double as formula / indy car wheel, then take the “CSL ELite Wheel McLaren”. It is xbox compatible and has shifter pedals pre installed. Grip is great and its not too expensive either.

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Thanks. I’m waiting the end of the year. My only dubt is if in future will come another forza wheel to sponsorize forza 8.

A new Forza branded Wheel would be VERY nice!
I still use my lightly modded P1 wich i purchased with the CSL Elite Base. Since last year i got the CSL DD. Pedals are self inversed CSP V3.
A new Wheel is next on the List.

I’m hoping for advanced Wheel Support, but not very optimistic.


Even if a new Forza branded steering wheel is announced and released, that is something you can add at a later time. You can get up and running with the WRC rim, the CSL Pedals, add the CSL-DD base. The rest of the kit you want can be added later. It’s kind of how I approached my setup.

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It’s a good idea. I think at the end of this year i’ll take the wheel with accessories and next year eventually the new forza wheel. Thanks to all friends!

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You should know that using the wheel in FH5 is absolute trash. You can change the wheel and game settings to any value including something similar or very different than any other racing game (including FM7) and get it “controllable” but the gamepad is by far superior. (I’m not a drifter, but it seems that the uncontrollable effect using the wheel might actually help drifting since it seems there are a lot of users doing that)
I have the DD Pro. Use it regularly for GT7, FM6,7, AC, ACC, NH, WF, PC2, ad nauseum. But absolutely refuse to play FH4, FH5 with wheel. If I only played Horizon series I would either sell the wheel or the game.
Which is totally stupefying to me because FM7 with the wheel on PC and Xbox is the most fun you can have at home and not have the neighbors complain.
If Motorsport does whatever they did to screw up the FH series for wheel settings, well… I don’t know what I am going to do.
This is not a Fanatec issue. My friends have other branded wheels that have the same problem. FH5 game nights we are all using the controller. Any other racing game we are all on the wheel.

probably you forgot that Forza Horizon is supposed to be arcade fun. And as such, you should change your wheel to an arcade typical setting, which means 180 degrees turn (360 degrees maximum if you are a pro). It can be a lot of pure fun with a wheel as long as you just acknowledge that it is no simulation.

100% Fanatec wheel support would be amazing…as well as having equally amazing wheel physics. @BIGBADBILL said it perfectly, using a wheel in FH5 is the most horrible experience I’ve had in a game until I finally figured out it was the dam game and not me. (sidenote: FH5 was the 1st Horizon I played on a wheel)

FYI, the Fanatec McLaren GT3 v2 wheel DOES NOT have buttons 7 and 8. :slight_smile:

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I totally understand FH5 is different game than FM7. I actually probably spend more time on FH5 than FM7, since I have a weekly session with my friends who do not have FM7.
To me it is baffling that FH5 requires some sort of astonishingly convoluted setup that nobody agrees quite how to set it up. Yes, I have tried the 180 with deadzones and all the other tricks.
To me, it should be fixed in the beck-end and whatever confusing changes it would take to work arcade-realistic should be handled by the developer not the end-user. It seems that all the wheel brands have the same issue, not just Fanatec.
I can play FM7, Grid, ACC, Wreck Fest, Nascar Heat 5 and SnowRunner with the exact same wheel settings and have them all be at a bare minimum playable, and with minor tweaks at least enjoyable. – FH5 is the only exception.
What is interesting about this is that Fanatec has recommended settings for FH4 and FM7. But the only FH5 settings you can find are user generated and really all over the place. I have spent more time than I care to admit trying to get decent settings for FH5 that not even Fanatec themselves can figure out.

But that is enough of my rant.
I can not physically or emotionally wait until Motorsport comes out. But, please dear whatever God you believe in, have reasonable wheel settings right out of the box.

If you check the Fanatec site you will discover all the games that are compatible with xbox wheels and FH5 is not on the list.