Expensive is better than exclusive?

So the 300 SLR became available in the autoshow instead of being an exclusive playlist reward. The price tag of 143M credits may have shocked some people, but I have to say I kind of liked it. I played FH5 alot and it gets tidieous to grind to the playlist, remember all the cars you get from it (and from wheelspins after trails,…) and delete them because you are a few cars away from the 1k limit.
I get that the playlist is there to keep players active (maybe for stats, maybe for multiplayer) but if you played since launch you’re probably tired of it. I think it would be nice to have all newly added cars in the autoshow with high prices (like 100M - 200M CR) instead of making them exclusive.
This way newer players who aren’t tired yet (or can’t afford them yet) can get them from the playlist while long time players can just get it from the autoshow or also still get it from the playlist if they enjoy it. I would prefer to spend the time I have to play fh5 by doing rivals or creating liveries instead of grinding and managing my inventory.
Also you wouldn’t feel like you have to tune in every time a new car gets to the game. (yeah I feel like a have to get every car,…)
But what would you think about this:

expensive instead of exclusive?
  • hell yeah
  • heck no
  • actually I don’t care

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Note: I might make a suggestion later and link it here if there is enough interest.

For me it is either A) every car obtainable via autoshow in “reasonable” price or B) festival playlist exclusive and 2-4 weeks later added to autoshow in “reasonable” price.

PS. I’m not a collector/completionist. At first I was going to get SLR via playlist, but dropped that plan in last week(?). Currently I have 110points and no way to get 160. There is plenty of SLRs in auction house for 20M, but still not worth it.


Exclusive please.

At the launch of the game, there were quite a few ways to boost your wallet with the driving aids, the custom farm skill-points events, the Porsche Cayman GTS talent tree … And very generous wheelspins.
I consider that this largely unbalanced the economy of the game, with a large number of players acquiring millions, either by forcing a little or because the game itself was very permissive and generous.

Today, the game is more balanced but to the disadvantage of new players, for whom it is much more tedious to reach crazy amounts.

There is no way back, so in my opinion playing on finances doesn’t make sense anymore, for this opus.

Once you max out 1Billion credits, the price of cars is absolutely meaningless.

I haven’t been under 3-400 million in months… there is nothing left to purchase lol

You can’t manage 4 hours in a 7 day week for the play list?

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I’m at 124m CR and the prices of cars are already meaningless - even this one, since on the AH they can only be listed for 20m. Anyone paying 143m for this thing in the AS isn’t trying.

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I get the whole playlist done in like 2 hours each Thursday, like 10 minutes after series/season starts.

If, in a whole week, you can’t get the playlist done, you are either busiest person on here, or are putting in basically zero effort.

Yeah, its a game and no requirement to play the stuff offered, but tedious and grind? Nah, you just sound lazy


…it’s funny, I actually feel like this game requires almost no effort to begin with… (primary reason I play it, because I can get up and walk away from it at any time for any amount of time, and never really have any issue getting back, and catching up.)

98% of the races outside the Trial, all you have to do is slap upgrades on your cars, you don’t even have to tune most the time… ask me how I know. H.E. Double Hockey-sticks, I’ll run the series races with stock cars just for the challenge of doing it. Some times I find it’s the easiest way to get over on the buggy AI too - especially on dirt. The AI is awful in stock cars.

And for added xp: I played FH4 for 1 year, 500 hours, and managed to get everything other than Owens car and the P.O. Camaro - 3 years after it was released… and I didn’t do anything but just play the game as it was. They give players multiple easy avenues to get the core of this game which is the the cars.

If this game was actually hard, no one that wanders in 3 years after launch would have everything the game offers of actual use and value. I’ve played those games, for many many years. Forza ain’t those.

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I can, but it’s not fun, i would prefer to do something else,…


what if they made playlist exclusive cars available in the auto show after the 2nd time it reappears as a reward? Ex: McLaren 765LT would become available in the auto show after it’s made available as a reward again during the next series.
The players who worked for the exclusive cars gets their exclusivity for a couple months, and newer players/players who missed their chance gets an opportunity later on to collect the cars without having to pray for the exclusive car to return or spam the AH hoping to snipe the car they want


It’s not about what makes sense. It’s all about player metrics.


I don’t like either, really. So heck no to expensive AND exclusive.

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