Expansion pass ideas?

I’m with you all the way on this. Add drag body parts, big wheel drag axles and stripped interiors for certain cars and wheely bars stupid 2000+ horsepower big block engines. Drag racing tyres that actually work this time might be a bonus.


I must say that I absolutely hated the hotwheels expansion which I wouldn’t have bought but I had already purchased the expansion pass which it was included in.
I did play it a little, but no more than an hour as it just didn’t suit the game in my opinion. I play Horizon games as they have more of a connection to the real world than many other racing arcade games and thus I wouldn’t have bought FH3 if I wanted to play with cars on a giant orange toy track in the sky so I don’t really understand who it appealed to within the Forza community.
Nevertheless it was well exepted as an expansion and whent on to be quite popular, so I won’t argue about it, but it just wasn’t what I hoped for in the 2nd expansion slot.
Needless to say, I hope playground games don’t do it again and parhaps keep to the real world theme for FH4 expansions.


Seriously. Not to mention the whole expansion area just felt lazy, stitched together from stuff that was already in the base game and with floating generic tracks everywhere. You can’t convince me that it’s equal in value to Blizzard Mountain.


When did centrifugal superchargers go away? I swear I’ve used them in both Forza 7 and FH3… (more to the point, when did big block engine swaps go away?)

Of course, I’m also a “young whipper snapper” in his 40s who thinks the Hot Wheels expansion was the best FH expansion. So maybe I’m posting from Bizarro World… which, incidentally, could be an expansion setting!

I think the Hot Wheels expansion really asserted that anything is possible.

If I had to guess, I’d wager some type of island expansion followed by something ‘way out there’ a la FH3 Hot Wheels.

Pretty generic guesses I know, but this sort of stuff is pretty difficult to predict.

Rally Wales DLC <3


I would like more fantasy DLC like Hot Wheels.

Loch Ness Monster Truck Expansion: Race in monster trucks in northern Scotland to take photos of signings of the Loch Ness monster before time runs out? Visit haunted Scottish castles to take photos of ghosts? Include easter eggs, references to Scottish/British legends/movies like Highlander, Brave Heart, King Arthur etc.

London 2049 Expansion: Instead of changing seasons, you get changing time periods. Present day London and future London that looks like the movie Blade Runner (no flying cars, mostly roads/highways, favouring RWD cars). Your time machine is a DeLorean and you have to drive 88 mph to go “back to the future”. There would be cool concept cars we have seen like Lambo Egoista, Cadillac Cien, Lexus from Minority Report movie, etc. Design and race your own concept cars? Or maybe this should be saved for Forza Horizon 5 Japan, Neo-Tokyo?

Cannonball Run Coast to Coast Expansion.: Ireland, Isle of Man, England, Wales, Scotland coast lines. Play as police or racers. There would be massive bridges between each island. which could also be used for drag races. Cars focused on modern supercars, hypercars, exotics, concepts, prototypes. Strictly road racing as I think FH4 has too much offroad AWD. Import some of those fast, modern cars that can only be found in Driveclub, Test Drive Unlimited, Project Gotham Racing and Gran Turismo series…

Devonshire expansion pack. I say no more.

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I’m hoping for the Horizon Rally to come to the UK. And bring some rallycross racing with it.


I think this would be awesome

Plus a 2nd expansion of a detailed London Map


Goodwood expansion would fit in perfect.

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Actually, I reckon you two have hit the nail on the head there! We need The Goodwood hill climb and Rally course. Also Rallycross at Lydden Hill is required!


Not large enough I don’t think, the scale of past expansions has been bigger than Goodwood. Good shout though, would love to try the hill climb.

The Formula drift pack being advertised at the moment seems to suggest that there is a drag strip (unless they put the wrong logo on the image?).

Formula Drift Drag race

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What about Goodwood fos and add some concept cars in the mix for example Nissan GT-R50 and BMW m8 plus other uk racing circuits such as oulton Park and add some classic btcc cars too eg ford Mondeo, Peugeot 406 and Renault Laguna from the 90’s that could be cool.

Would love a BTCC expansion, or a WTCC one, but how could you forgot the most iconic BTCC car, the Volvo 850R estate :smiley:

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Good thinking my friend but with there being the road version in the game I didn’t want to duplicate something we’ve already seen in a Forza game. Believe me I love that car too. I like the idea of etc :grin:

The best thing they could add is either Track Racing or Toyota Returns DLC.


There’s still the 7 liter hemi in most muscle cars but on any 6.2 swap the only choices are twin turbo, not single and twin screw blower. No centrifugal. Every once and a while it’ll pop up as an upgrade on some stock engines. I think like the 5.0 on the ‘93 SVT.

And what I mean by big blocks is 502’s, 572’s, 632’s. BIG displacement engines, purpose built. Tunable boost and timing. Along with the wheels and tires and suspension, big engines with realistic horsepower. 1500-2500hp. I know that sounds like a lot. The cars that run the No Prep drag events push twice that. The 1000hp that we have now isn’t enough. As the OP was asking, what would one like to see in an expansion, that’s what I’d want to see.


Oh drag specific upgrades. My brain was stuck on drift. I was like “those v8s, v10s, and v12s are big enough, surely!”

We NEED a monster truck, or lift kit expansion. Where you can give any car big wheels, and drive over cars, or go offroad.

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