Would you like a 3rd paid Expansion?

The devs have released everything from the FH5 Premium Edition and have additionally just released 2 new paid DLC car packs.

Would you like to see a 3rd paid Expansion? Why or why not? And if so, what?

I wouldn’t mind it but whether I would buy it or not would depend on what it would contain and how much it would cost.

Personally I think a City Expansion would be cool. A large city with some highways around it or something. Perhaps Mexico City to keep it in the Mexican theme of the game.

What do you think?


I also asked this question on Reddit. I’ll share the link here for the devs in case they want to see more feedback regarding this :wink:



Maybe a city or downtown night time street racing expansion with police. I know that’s not really the type of thing Forza goes for but I think it could be pulled off without getting too focused on destruction and mayhem. Perhaps instead of trying to outrun police, the goal is to ‘not’ get chased. While racing, a radar gives you a warning ahead on the course. All racers have to slow down while driving through the police zone. Once out of the zone, back to the race. Anyone speeding in the zone automatically gets placed at the last position after leaving the zone. Kinda’ like penalties that exist now for missing checkpoints etc.

This type of expansion would also serve to appease all the users that want “more night driving”.

Just off the top of my head. Probably more things to add but I haven’t had enough coffee yet.

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No thanks.

At this stage of the life cycle, fix stuff.

And put effort into fh6


With all the issues this game has they would have to pay me to play the 3rd expansion


Yes but NOT Lego.


Well the ones I already paid for were extremely disappointing, so I can’t say I’m thrilled at the idea.

Hot wheels was utter garbage. An expansion built for the all power no brains wall riders out there. It’s only redeeming quality was the environmental design.

Rally Adventure was a much better map with much better tracks, but it had a lot of small issues that ended up adding up to alot. Pins repinning themselves. The rally mode being a complete throwaway gimmick as opposed to a reusable and worthwhile mode. Only one rally car in a rally expansion. Excellent map in isolation but the base game already has way too much desert. Helicopter implemented by a child. And so on.

That’s not a great track record. I know saying this is going to be contentious, but Lego was a better expansion than either of these two in my eyes. Not as good map or track wise as Rally Adventure (though it did have the excellent race track), but at least when I unpinned a challenge it stayed unpinned.

Now if we’re talking an expansion of the quality of Fortune Island or Blizzard Mountain, yeah I’d be all over that. I just don’t have a lot of faith right now.


Unless it’s a modern urban environment, I’ll pass. Enough with the toy tie-ins. I do quite like the Rally DLC and I still spend most of my time there, but that’s the second expansion map that was way too similar to Mexico (HW did this as well, with the exception of the snowy area).

All three maps we’ve had so far have lacked any kind of modern urban element that previous games had. FH2 had Nice, FH3 had Surfer’s Paradise. A modern city is something this game really needs with how old and bland the map is. If it isn’t that, what’s even the point? Enough with desert-jungle-farmland. Please.


Agreed completely. That expansion was just trash. Yet another stupid toy tie-in and the tracks were not only far too long, they were built so you can wallride every corner in a Hennessey Venom F5 and win by 14 seconds.

I’d like to point out, though, that the environment was far too similar to Mexico. Desert with rocks and cactus, and a big Jungle with waterfalls and rivers. Sound familiar? The snowy volcano area was the only somewhat unique part of the map. Well designed? Sure. But it was the same old crap we’d already seen for almost a year.


If there ever will be a 3rd paid Expansion, I think it would be cool if the devs would let us vote on what it should be


I’d rather see the main game get the attention it deserves/needs now as well, a surprise like the Eliminator in FH4 I wouldn’t mind though, however much it divides opinion it was still a substantial thing to add.

What I would like to see most of all is the same as always, new races, and for them to actually be used unlike the Midnight Battles, they’re all good courses but have still never been used in seasonal championships.

There are some good looking courses you can see with the naked eye just looking at the map, and we’ve had 2 EL’s in recent series’ that have just been conventional circuits using Mexico’s roads, both were very good and enjoyable.

New cars are all well and good but all we can do with them is take them in the same old races we’ve seen and done hundreds of times now.

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I can agree with the broad strokes of that, but I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed seeing things like a town built into the side of a dusty cliff; epic, sweeping waterfalls; and truly humongous trees.

I’d like to point out that Hot Wheels was a highly requested expansion to come back. I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I think I’d rather have a single person or small group of dedicated, passionate creatives to decide, even if it means not getting exactly what I want.

I am disappointed in the Forza community.


That’s a valid argument. One major downside of internet voting is that the internet can be the internet. Just look at the sudden boost of votes for the Fiat Uno for example. Or Boaty McBoatface…

I would love to see a game where you can continent hop and drive through extravagant locations pertinent to car and automotive culture.

So like in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Hope I’m not jinxing this but so far with this update, all of the major bugs I had been experiencing for months have been cleared up.

*touch wood


I guess I meant there are other things that could be worked on to improve rather than spend time on another expansion pack.

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The rally was my absolute favorite. That is why I bought the premium! My brother likes the hot wheels though, so I’m glad it came with it too.

How about a snowrunner like map with vintage style downtown and rain forest. Just like snowrunner the map wont be revealed in the beginning. We have to unlock it through playing. It will have some old barns with some old classic racers like hudson hornet. There will be a hill once used for hillclimb. Basically an old city once used to be famous for hillclimb racing. Old legendary racers used to come to test their skills. But somehow(a massive disaster like earthquake or volcanic eruption) this place got forgotten. Something like route 66 in disney CARS. Now we’ll find this place somehow(through rumor) and set up a festival officially for hillclimb scene like pikes peak with all proper hillclimb rules and regulations. We will have 4-6 new hillclimb cars to drive. A proper expansion specific for hillclimb.


I can’t say I would hate an xpac themed after Pixar’s “Cars,” if we had to fit in with a theme?