Eventlab builder is amazing but not perfect

I’m fairly new to the Eventlab builder but finding it quite amazing as I start to get a hang of it. In saying that it could use a few improvements:

  1. Add HWs magnetic, water flume pieces.
  2. Ability to remove existing tracks.
  3. Ability to set start point anywhere.
  4. Ability to travel faster in camera mode.
  5. Ability to reset car position.
  6. Easier way to obtain share code. Current method is quite literally a joke :rofl:.
  7. Auto clip current piece to last piece button.
  8. Redo button if accidentally delete item(s).

What other improvements would you like to see? Also interested to know if anyone has tips and tricks for an eventlab newb.


Other than the OP, one feature I personally would like to see is.

  1. the ability to automatically connect objects to the ground.
  2. the addition of preset angles such as side, top, rear, etc., similar to the camera available in the livery editor.
  3. The ability to switch cars at will while creating a course. This is useful for quickly testing the course with a variety of cars and creating a course that will be trouble-free with any car.

I just spent over an hour on a new blueprint that ended up having some amazing scenery and views but was a complete waste of time because it was horrible to drive on. Tip being, test drive along the way or else you will regret it like me…

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Snap abilities for all objects would be nice.

Regular track sections with curves and banked curves.

Ability to start a track in reverse direction.

Ability to start a track from any point.


I’d like it to not disconnect a piece when I Edit it.

I’d find it easier to work from a snappable grid.

Eventlab could be amazing….if it actually worked. Considering I was a hardcore track builder in horizon 4, I was really looking forward to using this feature.

I have quite a few ideas but it’s pointless when your props/walls/ramps don’t show up when racing your event.

Of course, it works perfectly fine when test driving but If you try to edit it after or switch to a season other than the current one, no custom route for you!

It seems this problem might be isolated to Xbox one/one S but don’t know for sure. In it’s current state it’s nothing more than a broken piece of garbage….and that’s pretty sad considering they added the hot wheels parts (albeit without the fantastic orange half pipe).

I’ve already submitted bug reports but it seems all their efforts to correct these problems are not working. Might be a memory leak problem.

As for additional features (if they get it working):

  • start point anywhere on the map (test drive unlimited managed to do this years ago).

  • add the orange half pipe from hot wheels.

  • more stable camera.

  • easier snap tools for all parts (not just hot wheels)

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I’ve started a thread in the FH5 suggestions forum about getting attention for an option to start blueprint designs in reverse.

Please go there and vote and see if we can get the attention of PGG.

Actually….in addition I wanted to add that I was planning on adding several custom circuits and cross country routes to hot wheels island. It’s lacking circuits (and total routes overall). I wanted to help out in generating interest but no point in it’s current state.

I do have a few custom routes set up….maybe they’ll work for others just fine? Don’t know.

Sure! We’ll do.

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These would be great improvements, but the credit cap would make me still not bother with custom routes. It’s ridiculous that you can only earn 100,000 cr max.

I’m not aware of these caps. Is that 100k max per blueprint? If so that’s a bit ridiculous when some liviries go for 20x that in one transaction.

I just built my first Dirt Rally blueprint:

Share code: 177 320 340

Took me an hour. What do you all think and how would you improve it?

Just doing some rivals. Will try it soon! Always looking for new routes.

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After creating that blueprint I think it would be nice to have the following additions:

  1. Ability to fly around the map quickly in a drone and place waypoints/markers as an initial guide where checkpoints can be added later.
  2. Ability to remove checkpoints (or am I missing something here?)
  3. Ability to see driving guide line as you create route.

Just tried your route:

  • very good use of the hot wheels map!
  • great effort.
  • a little too long of a race for me (but that’s personal preference) but still recorded your route on my phone.
  • I would recommend more checkpoints as I got a little lost during the first lap on a few occasions. Also, a few places you could really cut the track (also personal preference)
  • had a good laugh seeing the drivatars fall right through your orange jump platform (which is a great idea and useful landing).
  • got some extreme E use out of this track.
  • A class seems to be the best for this track.

Hope that helps. You might enjoy my mad mud trail on the main map: Mad Mud Trail 1: 133 548 243

Hopefully they fix the props not showing up soon. I’ll be adding quite a few tracks if that happens.

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Thanks, I assume you play with driving line off? Can I go back and edit the checkpoints? Or is that not supported yet. I’ll check out your BP next time I’m on.

Braking line only…,which helps me navigate custom blueprints.

Yes, you can edit checkpoints. You have to select “edit blueprint” under your local tab (under “my events”), then select route, edit route option. You’ll have to re-test the route. Be warned though…last time I edited a route the props/jumps disappeared….hopefully doesn’t happen for you.

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I tried it, and I didn’t like the camera jumping all over the place. It needs a better camera… first priority.

Already said that in another topic, but they should make hitboxes visible in the blueprint editor.

Any custom route will only payout maximum of 100,000 credits and only if you are playing on unbeatable. So a race that might take 30 mins will only pay 100k.

It’s annoying because I play Playa Azul and I get 15k per lap.