EventLab 2.0 features coming September 2023


I did an EventLab race on the new island yesterday. It was called 300 Top Speed or something. What’s interesting is that it was a long test track styled circuit (like in GT) that went all the way over the water. So builds aren’t necessarily limited to just the island itself, they can extend beyond that! So in theory we could build really large EventLabs that measure about 6x6km instead of ‘only’ 2x2km.

Found a video that shows it. From 1:10 you can see a platform built hovering over the sea with the island in the background:

@T10ManteoMax Do you know what the total size is of the buildable surface?

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Thanks for the link.

The locked in starting point on the island is very disappointing. I don’t get it. Must be really hard and in depth to program in an option to place a starting point anywhere (???). Don’t have a clue about the reason why we can’t have this option.

This makes an attempt to re-make New York circuit from Motorsport not possible. Starting point is pointing the wrong way (unless I’m missing something).

Also, noticed pre-fab cloning is not possible without a massive prop % increase (as others have reported) Don’t know if that’s a bug.


Haven’t tried the pre fab cloning. Perhaps pre fabs aren’t the way to go. I don’t know the programming tied to the start point but I wouldn’t think it would be all that hard to set up a couple more start points across the island. One in the middle and one on the opposite side all pointing the same direction would open up hundreds of possibilities.

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Yeah, I can see them adding more start points. Event lab is their pride and joy when it comes to extending the game’s life span.

So I started a suggestion for two more start points. Let’s get the link out, and get the vote out!

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Voted. Now let’s see how many creators are still around.

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I know you do a lot of tracks in the event lab forum. I need to go check out some of your creations.

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Yeah, sure! None of them are easy/quick designs. I remember you trying my mini long beach circuit. That was my first jab at FH5’s eventlab. I’ve learned a thing or to (I hope…haha).

If you remember the first horizon, I re-made illest eastern steel’s curcuit. 200 hour project. Turned out well. The eventlab 2.0 update would have cut that project to 50 hours at most…. :rofl:

FYI, I tried your Indy oval. That was really well done. Just need to finish the interior I guess? I was actually going to do Indy after the race track parts were added but noticed you beat me to it. :+1:

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Oh, ok I remember that long beach circuit. Yeah it was a different take on long beach.

I want to try out the Brno track. I loved that track back in Motogp days. Looking forward to it when I get back to the xbox.

Never did FH1, but I’ll take a looksee.

Thanks for the kind word on my Indy track. I need to get back on that. There’s a few non indy things like the overpass I might get rid of I don’t know. I put that there to hide background. I got side tracked with a lot of other track ideas but they helped me learn a lot especially about parts placement. I also finished the infield road course but now with EL2.0 I can clean things up a lot easier.

I wish we had more race track piece options so we could make better turns. 90, 45, and 30 degrees turns into a flat again. I hate having to do those banked side straights.

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It seems that the new Eventlab ‘Island’ is actually classed as DLC. There are now three caches in the folder

Hi - is anyone else having issues with EventLab Island.

When I travel there the graphics don’t show and game quits unexpectedly.

Using xCloud to access the game - everything else appears to be working.

@AnakalaRon have you tried building outside of the event lab island? Apparently you can just add pieces outside the perimeter and extend quite a bit without and issue/reset/crash. Have you tested that?

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Haven’t had issues but if this is really set-up like a DLC (which it seems it is as per post above yours), then that wouldn’t surprise me. Re-install of the game might help.

Haven’t tried yet but I will give it a shot.


Playing from the cloud you are playing a server side version of the game. There is no installation. So if it isn’t working there’s not much hope until they fix it on their side.

@AudibleJam509 , I built a short track with race track parts. Laid eight sections outside over the water and ran a test. It will allow eight sections out. I was going to set up the event and publish it and the power went out. Ok no problem. When I get back I’ll just add a couple more track sections and try again.

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I started one straight out to see what was possible. I got bored at about a mile off the island and quit. As long as you don’t fall into the water it kept going.


Yup, eventlabs are like engineering projects….a lot of time and patience….even with all the bugs……lol.

I enjoy designing in the engineering field so this is right up my alley.

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Gotcha……I’ve decided to design an original track on the island. No copies but it is nice to know that New York circuit is still possible. I’m thinking a road race track for trucks (syclone, lightning, etc.)

I’m guessing circuits races are definitely possible then? Don’t want to do a road course if it won’t work properly.