EventLab 2.0 features coming September 2023

EventLab 2.0 in Forza Horizon 5

Announced today, the next series update introduces new EventLab upgrades to get your creativity racing and inspire you to create the events you’ve always imagined. While EventLab regularly receives new props for players to include in their creations, we are now adding exciting new features that will let you bring your wildest ideas to reality with an update we are calling EventLab 2.0.

This new update includes a brand-new set of tools, quality of life improvements, and features that will enable you to create bigger events faster and better. Horizon Creatives will be available to download from Tuesday, September 12. Get your creative juices going and start creating!

Check out this video overview shown during our Let’s GO! livestream:

Selection Mode

As in everything racing related: faster is better. So, to make your creating process much more agile, we have created the new Selection Mode.

This new multi-selection mode will let you grab a number of individual props and then rotate them, move them around, and duplicate them. Not only will this make your creating process more efficient, but you will also be able to reuse groups of props you previously put together without having to start from scratch each time you need them.

Multi-selection will also let you clone, move, and delete props in mass selection, reducing the time you will spend creating courses for events.


Prefabs are an assortment of props saved together to make a new mega prop. You can save any prop you have created as a Prefab and share it with other players worldwide.

You can also search among the creations of other players to find the most ideal custom props to fit your event. Perhaps you’ll even stumble upon an interesting idea that sparks the creation of a new race or game mode! Prefabs will be added to the existing Creative Hub menu with features like share codes, number of downloads and in-game credits payouts. You will even be able to browse Prefabs in the Blueprint Builder which will save you a lot of time!

With Prefabs you can share your custom prop creations to inspire other creators in our community. In addition to this, we have added a feature that will let you bookmark your favorite or most used props so you can find them even quicker.

Custom Flyers

Previously when creating a new event on EventLab, the promotional flyer would automatically generate based on the car restrictions you set among other details. This meant that other players would not see how your event looked until they decided to download and play it.

This all changes with EventLab 2.0. You can now replace the predetermined flyer with a photo taken of your event. This allows creators to better represent their EventLab Blueprint, while for you and your friends, it’ll now be easier and faster to discover fun new events to play.

This is made even better by the ability to browse more than 15 events in the event browser, as players can now scroll through multiple pages of community-created blueprints.

EventLab Island

New features deserve an amazing new place to be experimented at. EventLab Island is a brand-new location specifically for creating EventLab content. It comprises of a 2km x 2km flat concrete platform surrounded by ocean.

Since EventLab Island is its own separate location, you will be able to add more props to each event you create within it thanks to an increased prop budget.

EventLab Island can be accessed through its own icon on the in-game map. Click on it, and you will be transported to the island. Look for the activation point and start creating!


New Props

The EventLab 2.0 update wouldn’t be complete without new props, and we have introduced new prop packs for you to implement into your custom maps. These include a petrol station with signs, a coffee cup, pumps, and roofs, a variety of primitive shapes like a cone, cube, cylinder, pyramid, sphere, torus, and wedge, and different surface types like snow, ice, grass, tarmac, and dirt.

Some of our existing props have received attachment nodes so they are now easier to move around and, more importantly, snap together. There are three different node sizes: small, medium, and large. The original nodes included in the Hot Wheels content were “large” and designed for Hot Wheels track pieces, while these new smaller-sized nodes will work much better with smaller props.

You can also style up your checkpoint markers with different styles including various colors of street race flares.

What’s more, EventLab 2.0 lets you set the exact time-of-day and weather conditions while your map is being created. This means you will see your creation in the exact conditions that you intend for players to experience it. For example, if you want to design a night-time race, you will see how it looks as you build it.


Gosh……so funny. I spent hours manually locating grass pieces for my mini dirt oval….then they release a grass patch….lol. Just finished the mini dirt oval last week.

The grass patches will make re-making real world race tracks a lot easier.

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So it’s only playable for 1 month

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Sorry I should have left that part out since the blog is for both the feature and the seasonal content. EventLab 2.0 features are a permanent addition to the game.


What is the new prop count for the EventLab Island?

Good question. I would imagine it being just a percentage adjustment.

Also wondering how many eventlabs we can make on the island (and will curcuit races work).

This sounds like it just might be the thing that brings me all in to the game. Lord knows none of the cars this series are going to get any 20 point meal deals.

I’ve been working on a 1/2 mile flat track oval that will be a trip for drifters using the racing tracks as the base. Having EL2.0 now to put the finishing touches on it will be really cool.

Now with EL2.0 will we be able to make starting points at any place on the map? Or will we at least be able to move starting piints within a blueprint?


Can’t wait for the more creative stuff!!!

They added water around the EventLab Island and kept the platform simple and plain to maximise performance. But isn’t water more demanding than desert, for example? Of course that would have meant that they would have to include barriers that reset the player, but those are already there now anyway with the water. I guess if you drive off the platform it’s like jumping in the sea and you’ll be reset back. So why still choose (moving) water over a simple desert or asphalt surrounding?

Common thing to have just the skydome and “infinite” ocean… it’s cheap

Adding “desert” (terrain) is more complex and sits on top of the ocean needs collision and stuff…

Amazing work on this update, truly. Not only is it impressive, but it is some of what the mode actually needed. PGG continues to impress with their effort and dedication that they put into the game, and this update earned the EventLab 2.0 heraldry.

However, I feel it’s all completely undercut by legacy issues, both with eventlabs and with the fundamental game design of racing. No mention of fixing favouriting eventlabs or the favourites tab is deeply worrying, and keeping eventlabs as one-and-done style events not only stifles their potential, but makes it so much less worthwhile to invest the time and effort into even curating events, never mind making my own.

This game desperately needs custom championships. Without them, this whole update feels like putting the cart before the horse. Add in potential legacy issues with the curation process, and this all seems like a lot of wasted effort and potential, even though the effort is beyond impressive and the potential couldn’t be higher.


I’m not a creator, but I expect to greatly benefit from Eventlab2.0 by enjoying custom made events that may start rolling out couple of weeks after the beginning of next Series.

It might be the best thing happening to FH5 that keeps the game fresh every day for long time.

All depends on creativity of players whom already showed us how good they are.

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Hey I have a question, for the new update of eventlab 2.0 I know we’re able to get other players prefabs and place them in our own event, but are we able to edit these downloaded prefabs as well? I.e. things like adding barriers to snap onto it or deleting some props to better fit your own race?

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Are we able to do community builds? Or is that something for EventLab 3.0? :wink:

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Oh boy

This is a really good question…but it’s probably like vinyl groups.

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I’m just guessing (as is everyone else except maybe those privy to test) but I’d say no like Audible. Once you grab another users group it’s probably going to lock your design just like it does with liveries.

Anyone know what time the update is going to hit?

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My guess is about a day before the playlist.

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I thought it was coming today.