Let's GO! livestream Friday Sep. 8th | Horizon Creatives update (Series 25)

Tune in September 8th at 9am Pacific (Friday, September 8, 2023 4:00 PM) for a full preview of the upcoming Horizon Creatives series, including 8 new cars and a massive EventLab 2.0 update:

www.twitch.tv/Forza & YouTube:


No new cars teased unfortunately. Usually they show something off in the preview image. I don’t see any props that look new either.


Maybe Event Lab builders can tell us whether it’s currently possible to do the things shown in the image?

I also wonder wether those 8 cars are new to Forza or new to Forza Horizon 5.


:recycle: :recycle: :recycle:

It goes back to Torbens comment of “grab things”. Could this mean we can grab existing elements on the map and move them? Highly unlikely but would be neat. What about being able to grab groups of elements you’ve added and move them all at once. More likely and a nice QoL improvement if added.


Where did he say that?

Whoa… hold on a second. We don’t know if that’s true or not. Let’s not judge it before the livestream.

We have some confirmation about a M3 Sedan from tiktok (which was deleted) and there are files for new cars like the Maserati MC20. The aforementioned M3 Sedan is also confirmed for the FM reboot so this tracks.


No new props is actually a good sign. Besides snappable tarmac and dirt sections, the mode does emphatically not need more props.

I worry that this is going to be supremely disappointing, like “we raised the budget limit and that’s it” disappointing. PGG is no stranger to overselling things, especially in recent years. However, heralding something like EventLab 2.0 has the potential to be at least some of what the mode needs.

I don’t want to be a cynic, but experience has made me so. I’m just holding onto that hope that now that Mike Brown is gone, maybe this franchise can live up to some of it’s potential.


It was a joke. Albeit, one based on the standards PGG themselves have set.

MC20 would be a great addition, however I tend to take the game files with a grain of salt. The GTX1, a 2009 Defender, del Sol, Mitsubishi FTO, Ford Thunderbird, and Lincoln Continental were all found in the files a month after launch. Still nothing sadly.


Like Series 10, Series 13, Series 15, Series 16, Series 22…oh wait, they oversold all of them.

Fast forward… Not only can players now snap together any tarmac or dirt sections but also “grab” hold and move groups of sections. We have also increased the number of elements a player can add, improved the performance of event labs, provided the means to upload a preview image and improved the ability to search for new and exciting event labs. Ontop of this you can now place the start and finish line anywhere on the map. We hope you all enjoy these improvements and look forward to announcing our third expansion coming out later this month aswell as our overhaul of eliminator with a brand new car list :slight_smile:


5 minutes later…sike, there’s no update. However, if you buy our Limited Edition :tm: FH5 EventLab Controller, you can download a 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus “EventLab Edition”!

Jesus, this game has made me cynical.

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You forgot the mountain dew collab with props and story that they’ve been working on that no-one asked for or wants.


The only thing I see that’s new is that spiral looking tower, that looks like something from the jetsons. That’s it.

8 cars is nice. Wonder if we’ll see more Stellantis members.

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I fear the event lab upgrade will be that silly donkey collection of junk shown in the YouTube splash screen. And that is event lab 2.oh wow!

Just not feeling the love. @KnightOfRen8514 your cynical attitude is too contagious. Or mine is I’m not sure which!

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While more “new” cars is generally a positive, I’m also wondering if this means the increased 40pt engagement plan is going to now carry on for another 4 weeks…


Don’t blame me, we wouldn’t be like this if it weren’t for FH5!

Besides, I think I got some of your cynical attitude and you got some of mine. It spreads easily.


It’s a cynical pandemic! Call the President! Call FEMA! Call your grandma! :thinking: scratch that last one…

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Oh, please, no more 40 point cars.

Quick playlists are best.