Engine sounds issue

What’s with the cars going from good to bad ?

I bought a Ferrari 458 . Sounded great then later on went to drive it again nd it sounded really bad. Similar tone but so quiet that the AI IS louder! Also the revs don’t match the sound ? For example hit the limiter at 9500 rpm and sounds like it’s at 4000 rpm .

Had this issue with the 351 FPV and the M4 .

Can anyone shed light on this?

I have not noticed this. I am still pretty early in the game, but have driven 10+ vehicles and they all sound great.

Maybe restart the game, or maybe you changed the sound settings by accident or something?

I have over 50 cars in my garage and have over 1700km driven, I haven’t noticed this yet! The only audio bug I have is the AI cars go mute after they respawn behind you.

It’s not something as simple as you being in the interior cam vs exterior is it? Or, have you changed your speakers/headphones and only hearing front or rear of the cars? Very strange.

No not at all some cars sound great like the 17 GTR and is consistent. When I was giving a Ferrari 488 gtb it sounded great at first then next thing you know it’s the quitest car ! Same thing with the m4. Some cars are consistent but you spend money on them and then the fun goes after it as sound is a big thing for me with this game !

Try it maybe buy a m4 you will see what I’m saying if not then its probably my stupid settings.

Well, I have noticed some cars going quiet on off-throttle, which wasn’t eh case in Horizon 2. But not all cars. I might have noticed the engine volume maybe going down a bit when flames pop from the exhaust, but this may be car-specific.

All in all, sound design is great, though I wish Forza on a whole would give more attention to car sound detail right from 1000 revs, rather than the engines and exhausts coming alive after 4000 revs or so.

What you’re describing however, is something I haven’t experienced yet TBH. Car sounds are consistent, though not happy with how the Supra is a copy/past of the M4 sound.

Try a full hard-reset? I guess the only way to make sure is having more people post about the exact same issue. I’ll pay more attention the next time I play and post thoughts! :slight_smile:

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