Elimination Cheaters

So i started playing elimination today, fun mode!

But this one guy challenged me from 300 meters away. Didnt even drive towards the finish line and won? I was the only car going for the finish line between us two. He couldnt possibly have challenged me in first place since he was so far away. Let alone win it by just standing still.

Anyone else experienced the same things?


Yes, same here. Nobody was in sight, got challenged. Didnt see any car and suddenly lost.


I have already played eliminator for 20 hours and can say that it has nothing to do with cheating. It often happens that you either can’t pick up a car, sometimes you can’t honk at other players and sometimes everyone suddenly becomes invisible. That means the opponent was at the finish before but you didn’t see him. The whole mode is flawed.
At first I always thought what kind of cheaters they were, but it’s the game. Everything totally bugged like the rest of the game. feels like the beta phase


this can be caused by server lag.

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yes, just like in FH4 there are a lot of cheaters in this game and the many game modes

yes, there are a lot of players who dont cheat too

and, atm there are some bugs that one would think someone is cheating
but, eventually those bugs will be gone and then you will see the cheaters more clearly


lag will cause that sort of thing.
i see it all the time in other games. stuff appearing, disappearing, suddenly dying to a mob that you didnt even know was there etc etc etc.

Been having a lot of problems with invisible cars lately.

But also if you both fail to make it to the finish line you both lose. So that could be what’s happening too

On my first game of Eliminator I just hid in a tunnel near the railway track in the North-East of the map until I was flushed out by the Arena-Shrinking.
Managed to crawl south-west to the next Arena-Shrink un-noticed, still in the level 1 VW Beetle.
Stayed hidden until the final showdown but sadly was too slow and the furthest away to win. Came 8th out of 47 in a Beetle. Not too shabby.
Second game I finished 11th and was eliminated by a level 8-er just as the announcement for the final-showdown was revealed. Choker.

I thought this was a bug/glitch, not necessarily a cheat. I base this on the fact that even in freeroam people, even in your own convoy keep constantly disappearing from the map.

This also happens in Playground Games, last team king my wife participated, instead of having 4 crowns in play, 3 of them disappeared entirely, they didn’t show up on the map nor the list.

I hope this all gets fixed, because it makes these modes unplayable at times at least.

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Look I’m not going to say that there aren’t going be lag induced issues, but I don’t believe what I experienced was from lag.
Got done by this twice both times when I had a much better car than the opponent.
Challenged when nothing present. Long race and one time it was finished instantly.
The second time it came up that I was eliminated as I crossed the line.
No cars in sight on either one.
The second one I was in a (8) lambo racing a teir 2, the race direction happened to be the way I was going and I was already at 120+ mph. I didn’t hit any trees or anything and effectively had a straight shot through to the finish.


Happend to me too, exactly the same - lower tier car, not visible, at the end of the race I lost - no opponet on map at all all the time. Also in co-op championship, two players didn’t even start the race, stayed at the start, both came ahead of AI cars in all 3 races, once came ahead of me being first on finish ! Cheaters and bugs ruin this game - they had 3 years and still so many bugs :frowning:

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This is not cheaters, its connection issues


In Co-op, every time I came by the start line and two players standing there, they would jump to first and second place, then slowly go back to being last, and then suddenly they win ??? No way that is connection issue.

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It could be. The game is very buggy, don’t jump to conclusions. I’ve seen stuff like that in online races too, where I know very well I am leading because I can’t see anyone in front of me, yet the whole race it says someone is. Then at the end, I do jump to the front of the table and I win. I didn’t cheat, maybe others in the race thought I did.

I understand invisible eliminator cars, maybe its a bug/connection. But in Co-op, cars are standing at the start, and the players for all 3 laps go from ahead of drivatars, to last postion in each lap - there is no way its connection issue in my opinion.

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It is. Rubber band lag is less likely with modern internet but is exactly what you describe. It is caused by delayed car positioning information.

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I played 3 years in forza 4, I know what “spotty” connection looks like - but these car didn’t move from start at all, all 3 Co-op races same thing - if they would jump all over the place, ok its connection - but those two drivers didn’t even start driving. Maybe You all are right, but to me its still fishy…

I think some people (such as myself for instance) know when they are being cheated and when the game is bugged.

FH4 made Eliminator a waste of time with the amount of cheats in it and FH5 is no different.


don’t worry about it → Forza Horizon 5 - My Online Horizon Open Racing Experience - YouTube

Ha, it’s buggier than I thought. I haven’t experienced it that bad before. Glad to see it isn’t just me that hates the stupid wait times as well. Even when it’s loaded, you want to race but no… read the list of players for up to 30 seconds first (or more sometimes). How on Earth this stuff gets through QA testing is baffling. Or do they just shrug and go “meh we ain’t playing it, who cares lol?”

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