Dynamic Buyout Price is Totally Unreasonable!

How am I supposed to finish selling and buying a 20M-worth car?

The only way you can sell anything for that much, is to bend the rules of space and time, defy the laws of physics, and somehow get thousands of people to download your tunes, paintjobs, and pictures. It’s as absurd and stupid as it was in Forza Horizon 4, and does absolutely nothing for the game economy. It’s basically punishment for not being popular, meaning the vast majority of people will never be able to do it. If anyone at Playground games had a single iota of intelligence, this crap requirement would be removed from this and all future games.


I’m not famous, and only shared tunes exclusively in-game, but I could become a legend tuner in about 7 days with only 35 tunes shared.
It was very easier than Forza Horizon 4. I never depended on dynamic buyout prices to sell cars.

The high player count of Forza Horizon 5 probably helped.

If you’re interested, there are tips in this video about what I did:

I suggest you at least try it, because the logic behind dynamic buyout is beyond our knowledge.

2 accolades I will not be doing! Absolutely ridiculous to add these!

Just get a friend to buy it off you when we gradually become rich. Anyway you can buy it back off them, you will lose about 2M to the Auction house funding.

The only problem is there is no car that can be sold for 20M.

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you do NOT need to be popular or a legend / that is completly false info

i cant believe no one has stated the obvious yet.

in time, months from now and maybe sooner, there will be cars that we all will be able to sell for 20 million

did you play forza horizon 4?
do you remember the raeser that came out?
it took about a week or so to raise in value and for a short time everyone was able to sell it for 20 million.

there was a ferrarri, toyota, mini, chevrolet and others that all would fluctuate in price and eventually hit the 20 million mark for a few days every so often.

this game is still new and the auction house pricing has not settled in yet … just give it time.

you simply need to watch the auction house and eventually some cars will reach the mark to get the accolade.

be patient it will happen …

Well that was 3 years after FH4 was released.

The most expensive car I have currently in my garage is the Ferrari 250 California. It’s valued at 18,500,00 credits in the Autoshow… If I put it onto the auction house, the maximum buyout price I can put on it is 2,684,000 credits… A loss of almost 16,000,000 credits!!

If it makes you feel any better, I was playing the eliminator in the small hours this morning.

I got a wheelspin and won the D Type Jaguar. I was excited and went to the autoshow/garage tab to get to tune it quickly. I went to the autoshow tab by mistake, wasn’t paying attention and accidentally bought one for 22 million leaving me with 13 thousand credits :upside_down_face:

Sold it for 2.2 million. Exactly 10% of what I just bought it for.

Because its another ignored and idiotic mechanic that they didnt bother to improve in FH5.

The only way to sell cars for that amount is to become a legendary player. This was the way in FH4. And to do that, you will need to spend hundreds of hours in the game to achieve the tuner legendary status (or the painter, cant remember, or even both).

As you figured it out, by the time you achieve that, you are not going to need 20 million. You already will have way more than that…

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Well you wont have much more than 20M when you become legendary painter. You don’t get paid much for vinyls. 100Cr per car download. 200CR for a car use. 500CR for a like.

100 * 50000 is 5M

So you probably will only get 10M from becoming Legendary painter.

I’ve not been a huge fan of the huge creator bonus in the auction house for ages. With that said though, I actually think the dynamic pricing is one of the best changes they made in FH4. It was impossible to find most exclusive cars prior to that because nobody wanted to sell a super rare car (like the Crown Vic early on) for like 100k CR.
Things became way more balanced and readily available after they implemented dynamic pricing though.

I bought and sold LaFerrari for 20M yesterday, no need to be legendary anything

There you go! So find a friend, and sell LaFerrari to them, and then buy it off them, and you both get the reward.

And lose a couple million or so each in auction house tax. Only do this if credits are not important to you (same for buying any 20 million car of course).

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In FH4 selling a car for 20m would net 17,060,625cr after the AH fee of 2,939,375. I would guess it’s the same or similar in FH5 so I would second Jezza’s advice. The DeLorean may get there for everybody. I’ve seen some sell for 20m even though they are around 300k without legendary status.