Dumb Quesiton, Exporting from FM2

Searched on google, searched here, and either I’m an idiot or I can’t find it.

Is it possible at all to export from FM2 and import to a newer title, rinse, repeat to here?

I remember a design on there I had that I doubt I can make a second time given how long it has been.

If not I’ll suffer. Might load up my Xbox and see if I can’t copy/paste it decal by decal… but if the car’s UV map has changed since then this likely won’t work either.



There is no way to import images/ designs from 360 era titles to the Xbox one era games. To be fair, if it was a FM2 design, you couldn’t even import that on to FM3 as they didn’t come up with transferring designs until after FM3 - so the earliest title even on the 360 era games was FM3.

Once they launched the Xbox one and FM5 it was a clean slate I’m afraid, so no way to import from earlier titles to the current series of games.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the reboot - as to whether images/ designs from this series will carry forward or not. I’d almost be surprised if they do, just based on past experience with the series.