Importing Designs... my first post, yeah!

Hello all! I’ve been playing Forza games since the original XBOX, but am new to the forum. Anyway…I hadn’t played any of the Forza titles on XBOX One because I was late to upgrade my 360. So, I picked up Forza 7 around Christmas and immediately dove into making custom logos and paint jobs. I saw that there was an option to import Horizon 3 designs into Forza 7 which was very exciting.

I picked up Horizon 3 a week ago and couldn’t wait to give it a try, but was sadly disappointed to see that Forza 7 wasn’t listed in the games. Anybody else wondering if this might be added in a future Horzon 3 update? Is it a resolution issue that would stop the developers from making 7 compatible? Or is there some sort of work around that I’m not aware of? I just hate to remake my designs from 7.

Here’s a link to pics of one of my designs…

first off, the design looks great. Back to your original point, they’ve made it so we can import ‘forward’ (FH2>FM6>FH3>FM7) but not back.

I learned my lesson when I started painting in FH3, then decided I should have some of my work in FM6. And realized I couldn’t go back. So I started working in FM6 and moving stuff forward.

Just a quick note to add to SeveredTester’s post. FM5 is at the beginning of that chain as well. In all current gen Forza games you can transfer (most) designs and vinyls forward chronologically.

Glad u noticed wildcat :confused:

Really wish more FH3 painters would’ve stayed instead of painting in FM7 maybe i should start a thread in FM7 paint toask for this