FH1 Import

Hi Everyone,

Not been here in a while, since the website update a few years ago, anyway my issue is all my artwork is on FH1. I imported some to FH2 but I cannot see them on my XB1, I believe as I did it on 360?

Can anyone tell me how to import FH1 vinyl groups/designs to FH3 please?


With just Horizon, not possible as far as I know. If any game can import FH1 designs, maybe FM4, import those to FM5, then FM6, and finally to FH3. I was looking to import some of my vinyl groups from FH1 to FH3 last week, but I didn’t find anything in FH2 that allowed me to import things from FH1, so the above may be the only way.

Hi Bomber,

FM4 came before FH1 so most likely FM5+ is the only way to import. I’m sure I did import to FH2 from FH1 when it first came out but I could be wrong. Do you know if they transfer across console gens? (360 → XB1). Thanks for your help.

No … nothing can be transferred from the XBox 360 games to the XB1 games. That’s your cutoff. Anything from FM5 and on can be transferred forward. (And remember that … it’s only a one-way transfer forward … nothing can be transferred backwards).

@PTG Wildcat,

Thanks, kinda annoying that I lose months of work but oh well… Do you know if there is any way of getting them to FM5 (XB1) from FH1 or FM4 (360)?

Any help appretiated!

I thought I had explained that well enough … but I guess not. No, there’s no way to transfer anything from the 360 to the XB1 games. And even if you could, nothing from the 360 games would work in the XB1 games. The systems have a different architecture and their games use different assets. They’re not compatible at all.

Couldn’t have said it any better, Wildcat.

If someone is that set on seeing their old (XB360) work in the new (XB1) games, the only option is to recreate it in the new game from ground zero. If you can’t have both consoles up and running side-by-side for quick reference, go old school and create a spreadsheet to redo each design layer-by-layer, noting the all of the color and positioning specs of each layer.