Drivatars using friends that don´t even have the game?

What´s the deal with that?
Horizon had it, will Forza 6 be the same?

Any explanation would be great :slight_smile:

When racing in career mode the game will choose some random friends from your list, no matter if they play Forza or even own the game or not.

In this way you are racing always ‘versus’ some of your friends and help those of them who really play the game to increase their drivatar income.

Why not only the friends who play Forza?

Because it’s a psychological effect behind that (at least for some).
And others maybe don’t even have friends playing the same game(s).
Here is the press release bla bla:

‘Even better, whether your Forza-loving friends are online or not, you’ll occasionally see their Drivatars pop up as opponents in your own races. Having your opponents personalized in such a way makes a substantial difference in the sense of competition; you don’t just want to win this race, you want to crush your friend. And as an added bonus, while your friends are all having fun racing against your virtual self, your Drivatar is earning you credits for car upgrades.’

Full article:

But as it happens everything is just … %@/!$#&^

Yeah but doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of a Drivatar? Aren’t they supposed to “learn” from your driving habits in Forza, and repeat them? How can they “learn” your habits if you don’t actually play the game?

Thanks for clearing it up, though this makes no sense “Having your opponents personalized in such a way makes a substantial difference in the sense of competition; you don’t just want to win this race, you want to crush your friend.”

WHY would I be inspired to crush a friend who do not even have the game and that I also know hate driving games?! For me that makes the experience even more fake and in the end who´s drivatar am i racing, that´s the question? :wink:

Drivatar technology is pretty hard to take seriously because of this and other things. I just turn the AI names off and forget about it.

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Same here ^^

The Drivatars that you see use data from every Forza since Forza 5. If you see one of your friends that possibly played Forza 5 during the free weekend, then it will use the Drivatar data acquired during that weekend in all available Forzas if they are on your friends list. This happened to me with one of my friends having played the free Forza 5 weekend, and I see him in every race since then on Forza 5 and Horizon 2.

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Funny how a driveatars are supposed to “learn” your racing habits and act like you might in a race… So then, if a friend has a driveatar, but has never played the game, would logic dictate that they would just sit at the start line and never move?
I realize they have a certain amount of inherent ability, just kind of a “tree falling in the woods” question. I agree that by just throwing your buddy’s name over a generic driveatar cheapens the whole concept. Next time I race a friends driveatar that does have the game, I’ll be wondering if it really races like he would- or is it just a generic racer with his name pasted on it as well. Honestly, if I want to have the satisfaction of crushing my friend in a race, I’d rather do it in multiplayer where I can rub it in after if I want to. It’s not like I’m going to call him up and gloat about beating the pants off his questionably trained pretend self.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure there are only Drivatars for people who have actually played the game.

Unfortunately, this means people who played the game for like an hour will have a Drivatar, so if someone had a friend bring the game over once and they played it on their gamertag, it’s going to give them a Drivatar, even if it doesn’t actually imitate their driving at all.

Drivatars have a specific driving style that is the basic AI, but the more you play, certain variables of that style get adapted to match your driving habits. Someone who has played very little will have Drivatar that behaves pretty similar to the base Drivatar AI. People who play extensively will have a Drivatar with driving habits similar to their own.

I hope it doesn’t use my driving record in FH2 against me. I don’t mind running into/over the other drivers in a cross country race, because they are doing the same to me. That type of driving should not translate over to FM6 though!


It does.

And i can tell you that i drive on a regular basis against a drivatar a of friends who died (!) 2009. So i’m pretty sure he never played FM5 or FH2. And he never played any Forza game. In fact he never played anything online with his 360.

I drive versus drivatars of friends who don’t even have or ever had a XBox. They have their account only for PC games.

And i have a couple of friends on my list who don’t play any racing games at all. And they also appear.

But according to the rest of your post, you do really believe in the drivatar ‘nonsense’. Some don’t …

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I believe in it as well, no explanation for what you’re claiming to see though. I’ve only raced against people who a) have an Xbox One and b) have played Forza 5 and/or Forza Horizon 2.

It wasn’t until recently that some of my really active Forza racing friends back on the 360 started appearing as drivatars in my races, because they only just got Xbox Ones this summer.

Since i’m not the only one … probably just another bug in the drivatar-matrix xD

Anyway. I disabled the AI names and ignore the rest.