Any way to disable/change friends from showing up in career mode?

I am in no way a pro in this game, added some people (including some T10 staff), however they end up smoking me in the races, even if I lower the Drivatar difficulty. They show up in every single race. I can understand them showing up in Multiplayer/Rivals mode, but in single player career mode, that should be optional.

I don’t want to delete them, (really shouldn’t have to and won’t), but are there are any options/settings I missed?
Please advise.

All players are equal in the Drivatar system. Their behaviors differ, but their lap pace isn’t determined by whom they represent. The game picks folks from your friends list to be your main, fastest rivals. It doesn’t matter who they are.

Clearly not true from my racing in Single Player, where I spend most my time, I can hardly ever get in 1st place, as the drivatar’s of some of my friends always are in the #1 spot by half a track or more. I agree with the OP, there should be an option to disable this, so we race against game AI and not friends Drivitars, or at least have the difficulty actually scale them down. I don’t play all that much, so I shouldn’t have to spend so much time ‘getting better’ ect, when my skills will never improve to their level.

Single player shouldn’t be a struggle on easy mode.

Oops. Didn’t want that to post thrice.


Thanks for the reply. I lowered it to the lowest (-10 - Easy) and they still beat me, albeit, not by much.
The other AI cars are clearly beaten, so not sure how difficulty affects the friend’s drivatar, if at all.

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I’m not so sure they are all equal. It always seems to be the same friend who comes through the field and catches me in races (and he’s a pretty good player too).

IceMan’s response is incorrect - I have a buddy who unfortunately has this same situation where no matter what competition he plays in single player, me and another Xbox friend of his will ALWAYS show up in his race, we’re always driving our best times no matter what he sets the difficulty to, and we’re ALWAYS his next rival and he can’t escape us. It’s ridiculous, as we’re both very experiance Forza players and he’s relatively new and our lap times are anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds faster than him but he can’t get a realistic “rival” because the game always puts one of us as his next rival.

This is a serious flaw in the drivatar system that must be addressed by Turn 10.


It’s not just in career mode where it has an impact, but it affects the amount of credits you earn in rivals mode too.

I only just joined the land of the Xbox last week, so completely new account, new to Forza and for the first few days I was playing with no friends list at all, and as I was climbing up the leaderboards in rivals, it always had the next person in front of me as my rival - so in most cases only needed to improve by a few .001’s of a second to beat them… do 10 laps around the track, climb a few hundred positions in the leaderboard and I’d get about 10,000 base credits (before assists/affinity percentages added) without fail… now that I’ve added a couple of friends though, it always has the next one of those as my rival, with much bigger gaps in place… now I can run 20 laps chasing a fast rival beat my previous time significantly, move up a few thousand places on the leaderboard and receive base credits of about 4,000… despite doing way better when my previous rival was only the next car in front of me.

…I actually think it’s better using the faster car as the ghost car and chasing those people in my friends list - so from that point of view, I don’t have a problem… but it grates the wrong way with me a little that I get shafted with the credits earned though.

Know that feeling - his drivatar struggles a little getting through traffic but once he does I have got to make sure I am flying or I know his drivatar is going to run me down.

You can select the rival, just means you can’t do 20 laps straight. Once you beat a rival it will automatically give you the next friend/favorite, so the only solution is to end the race after beating the current rival and select a new one.

I add some guy from the forums and he show up in some of my races, he smoked the competition away everytime, his drivatar was so good that I finished 2nd every race he was on a race. And that was in normal.

I’d like this option to be added. In regards to Drivitars/Friends Drivitars I was wondering why I always would be able to beat non-friends but would have difficulty in beating my friends.

I’ve found out that ordinary drivitars only use difficulty settings as a basis, BUT all your friends will have a full ability to use all stats from their races, so every turn/brake point/speed through corners etc is used. BUT they will also have matches for similar corners/straights/speed on all tracks, so if they’ve only played 2 races it will match that to the other tracks. Thus making it almost as if you were racing them, unfortunately this can be tricky if they haven’t played alot or only certain modes.

I stupidly started playing on a second account on my console and only playing race after race in multiplayer, has caused me to be beaten by the second account time and again, sometimes by seconds on tracks and cars they haven’t even driven on

I think by changing the difficulty setting only apples to Drivatars that are not your friends. I could be wrong though.

Yeah that was what I was trying to get across, unfortunately I think I was a bit to long winded in my post. It would be nice if “Friend drivatars” could be included in this even if they were set one difficulty higher. But I guess the system is set for now.

Try having Worm on your FL like i do,lol.

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I think I’ll just stick with having Satnite, xD He’s hard enough to catch!

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Easy way around it, play the single player offline.
Offline = No drivatar element to contend with .

I shouldn’t have to disconnect from live, and not be able to talk to friends just to play without Drivatars, kind of defeats the point of Xbox Live parties with your suggestion.

I agree, however as a work around its the only option available. Try to make sure you get good tunes for the cars/class you are using too as this should help

It’s not an issue i have to deal with fortunately,

Here’s what you should do: cheat. This seems to be the lesson Turn 10 and Microsoft are trying to teach our young drivers: if there’s an ethical rule or principle of sportsmanship, break it. Not going to be able to pass that car in front? Ram it out of the turn (the drivatars do). Other driver have the line on you for the turn? Wedge in, or go across the grass to cut him off. Live driver about to win? Send out drivatars with super powers of speed, braking, and turning ability to overpower the live human. Drivatar going into grass or sand, or off a wall? Keep the speed up and overtake the human adversary. One car not enough to beat him? Send two or three to double- or triple-team him/her because (s)he can’t be in three places at once. Cut across the track and brake to block; brake check at every opportunity; and if all else fails, give up and let the human know that (s)he didn’t win because of his/her skill, but because (s)he was given a “rewind” so that do-overs were always available (except at the end of a race when the drivatar usually can crash you out and win at the last moment. Microsoft and Turn 10 have a great opportunity here: establish ethical principles of driving and rules to penalize cheaters. Life is not about “Grand Theft Auto” and “only cheaters win.” Good guys can win too if everybody cooperates to have a good clean race. C’mon, guys. Let’s have a better racing experience. :slight_smile:

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