Drivatars are ruining this game

Yes this again. I’m not the best driver but come on…
I’m currently racing a championship in the jungle in my S1 F12tdf AWD which can outrun all of them on straights and start of race (yes I tried) …or so I thought. I am now having to turn the diff down to NEW RACER! and still i’m breaking a proper sweat trying to hold the lead? WHAT the H*** is wrong with the balance here? Some weeks back I could win this race at much higher diff.

I have some really good drivers as friends and hired as drivatars but this is a ridiculous. I don’t even think it would help to fire them. I normally win but now - AVERAGE = Nope! → INEXP = uh uh forget it → NEW RACER = R u deaf? You won’t be allowed to win (unless you try 10 times)… must be a bug? (U think??) This is making me sad guys :frowning:

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When you dont win what is the result? You do realise you only.need to complete the race yeah?


Yes I know but isn’t it strange this very race is (nearly) impossible to win? I can get 2nd place no problem but not the win …hmmm. Anyway life is too short

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The studio turned up the AI aggression as of the last unsung update taking away from the natural pleasure of the game and bestowing it with arcade like flexes to win. In one race I saw AI;s ricocheting off metallic barriers with insane speed in an attempt to pass me !!! They need to dial back to the game to its natural propensities for sure or I’ll reduce playing time as I’ve already done.

That would explain it. I entered a circuit race on the main street in Byron Bay. I was in the Brat, racing on Highly Skilled. Because of my build’s emphasis on speed and accel, this would not have been a contest before. But this time, one sports ute was all over my tail, passed me at the slowest point in a sharp turn, then comically zipped around the turn and disappeared from view like the roadrunner, with me as Wile E Coyote having my nose droop to the floor and my eyes bug out. You’d need to speed up the film like 4X to create that effect in a movie with a real car.

I’m not sure what it is that’s hard to understand about a range of difficulty settings. That allows everyone to dial their experience to where they want it, if implemented properly. The hardcore can go for Nightmare/Psychotic/Unbeatable. etc while the casual can go for Daddy Can I Play?/Very Easy/New Racer, etc. Everyone can be happy. Why is that a problem for some?

It is not my intention to offend anyone.

In my opinion what is ruining gaming and this game is peoples need to win.

I came second in a few of my single player races. Actually I think I missed the podium in a whole championship at some stage.

Just that fact (in isolation) does not make me want the game changed. I enjoy the challenge.

I think we have been spoiled by previous racing games handing us wins on a platter.

When I came second in a race I accepted it, moved on and tried to build, tune or race better in the next one.


Thank you for saying this. I read these posts and wonder, doesn’t anyone want a challenge for God’s sake?

So, “Drive Gud!” is all you, and SatNiteEduardo have to say about this?

Thanks, for letting us know… as if it wasn’t blatantly obvious, already.

Players want a fair challenge. Not blatantly BROKEN (cheating) artificial opponents who take any human, or semi-immersion out of the game play.

What if in single player FPS games, the enemies all have aimbots and can one-shot you even at the lowest difficulty?

What if in single player RTS games the enemy army has unlimited resources, map knowledge and can build quicker than the player even at the lowest difficulty?

What if in single player RPG games, players are forced to fight level 30 monsters when they are only level one, just for some XP at the lowest difficulty?

I know playing games has turned into careers for a lot of content creators (Youtube, Twitch), and many younger players use it as e-peen bragging rights, but for the vast majority of everybody else with real world responsibilities and limited time, games are meant for fun, relaxation and socializing… Even competitive genres that include arcade racing games like FH3, NFS etc.

Other posters stated players don’t have to do anything in this game to progress. They are right. You can drive around the open world and just rack up skill points if that is your idea of “progression”.

That’s not the point.

The point of progression in any game is to feel like you have accomplished something. So, if an Average Driver can beat the Drivatars on “Average” then that’s something that addsd value to their play time. The game even encourages increasing the difficulty if players are just blowing the doors off the lower difficulties, but that’s NOT what is happening in a lot of people’s games because of the busted Drivatars and PI system.

“New Driver” is like “Unbeatable”, and for some “Unbeatable” is like “New Driver” even if the driver isn’t that good. This is proof there is something wrong with this game’s AI and difficulty scaling in the single player portion of the game. Period. But we’ll take you and (I assume) T10 advice and “Drive Gud” from now on… In other racing games that are actually fun and not rage inducing.

I don’t need to win every race. What I do need is to have the same chance to win as anyone else in the race and when they cheat that simply doesn’t happen.


Challenge is fine, but when you set the difficulty to the lowest setting and still lose to one car by 5-10 seconds something is clearly wrong


Oh, come on, Eduardo. The reason to have a range of difficulty settings is to let people play the game as they enjoy it most. You would crank it up, but others just want to feel in control. “New racer” should mean easy wins for anyone with a modicum of experience in racing games, always. There is definitely a problem here, as you acknowledged in a later post.


Lol. There are 2 issues and one of them is people wanting no expecting to win every race. I have had conversations with people to try and help them. I ask for full details. Some peoples only complaint is that they come second. But the game does not require wins or even podiums except for street races.

Maybe there should be dlc that grants game completion, i am sure some would buy it.

Its no wonder that games are short and easy even on insane difficulty these days as the gaming public no longer wants to be challenged.

Compare insane on some of the early CODs to now. It is ridiculous.

I do agree that a challenge is always welcomed. That being said (mainly with unbeatable difficulty the others are more or less fine with a good tune), the drivatars seem to have an extreme rubberbanding issue which makes wins feel in some ways more like luck than skill even if you have a good run. There is also the issue of drivatars bugging and taking corners at 100% speed no breaks needed and the constant drivatar ramming.

A lot of corners can be taken without braking. The issue on that one is people using dodgy tunes and being way too heavy on the brake pedal. The ai are simply driving well when taking turns flatout.

sure I agree that many turns can be done without breaking but the unbeatable drivatars are bugged and occasionally you will see them take 90 degree turns without ever slowing down.

No, they are not. They are superseding the virtual-physics laws that you and I have to abide by. I have now experienced that firsthand, as I described in my last post in this thread. They can turn, accelerate and brake at like 10 Gs.

Your lineup has a much bigger impact than the difficulty level.

You want easier races, fire some of your lineup and replace them with lower level ones, then you can crank the difficulty back up.

I’m actually starting to think that the difficulty setting does nothing. It all depends on your lineup…

Thanks to both of you. Some good points there.
I also have several 2nd - 3rd and off podium finishes (who doesn’t?) …because life is just too short …

Guess the topic title should be: MY Drivatars are ruining MY game he he
I may have to fire some of them because they really ARE making the fun not so fun with that unreal driving of theirs.

Also will picking drivatars with lower stats mean anything for my earnings?

Yeah but we’re only talking a couple hundred credits per race, more than a fair trade to save some headaches…

Edit: Plus you’ll actually come out better by being able to turn the difficulty up higher.