Drivatars allowed to skip checkpoints.

Has anyone else ran into the issue that drivatars are allowed to miss checkpoints but you can’t. If they are allowed to skip checkpoints and still keep their positions it’s only fair that I’m allowed to skip them as well.


You are having problems beating Drivatars? They need all the help they can get.


Unbeatle Skill level is pretty tough well at least for me it is

this is off topic but saw your Forza Total and it says 2013 haha nice

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Yes, I noticed this in a few races yesterday. At first I thought my eyes were just tired from not sleeping for 24 hours, but then saw them do it several more times.

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Is it checkpoints or just suggested route? I noticed in doing the random challenges (when you just flash someone driving by) that they take shortcuts - at first I thought they were skipping checkpoints, then I realized that those challenges has suggested routes, but no checkpoints.

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I’ve seen this twice now. They’re actually skipping checkpoints. One of them rammed into me because he decided to turn before the checkpoint. I used rewind and slowed down to see what would happen, and sure enough, he didn’t go through the checkpoint but kept racing…

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Hopefully the game is patched soon as the AI not bothering going through checkpoints is going to get annoying really quick!

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I will keep an eye out for this while racing, but I have noticed that when Rewind is used, random events can happen. Things don’t play out the same, and I have seen a drivatar skip a checkpoint after I used rewind, but he went through it properly the first time…


Yeah, I’ve seen this. It didn’t help them :slight_smile:

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I also have seen this, but as others mentioned, it doesn’t do them much good. I have seen too many cases where the drivatar wants to stick to the racing line rather than cut across the field. I simply take the quicker line and fly by most of them. Let them skip a checkpoint or two; keeps things interesting :wink:

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Have seen this several times too last night. Thought I was losing my mind, but I am not the only one lol.

It’s happened to me a noticeable amount and typically it’s in races that cut through fields. I’ve seen them miss by a few yards and have also seen them miss by a country mile. Once it actually gave a drivatar a huge advantage and I had to cease showboating for skill points to catch him before the finish line.

Yeah, it certainly happens. Quite often, and by quite a lot. The most blatant was there was a copse of trees in the field. The checkpoint was directly on the right side of the copse. All but 2 or 3 of the others cars went on the LEFT side of the copse, nowhere near the checkpoint and in a much shorter line to the CP after that. They cut corners all the time. It doesn’t help them win, per se, but it can certainly cause you to lose (when they cut into you, etc.). Rather annoying. On the other hand, if YOU miss one by inches, it’s a miss. I hate playing with rewind, but I had to start simply because of all the “missed” checkpoints.

Although it seems the checkpoints vary on how close you actually need to be. Some you have to be right on it, but others give you close to a car width. Rewind is your friend =)

Had the same problem in several races. The game ignores the cheating drivatar.^^

Like VelXF mentioned, I’ve only really noticed and witnessed this problem a number of times in Head-to-Head races with Drivatars. Last night was one of the most amusing. The GPS was telling me to make a U-turn at one end of a freeway section, then another U-turn after travelling for a while on the freeway (felt like I was being told to drive in circles, even with breaks in the barriers on the freeway that would have allowed me to cross to the other side where I had to get to). I think I had about 2.3km to go by the time I took the second U-turn, by which stage I had lost the Head-to-Head. The Drivatar took the shortest route bypassing the GPS recommended route. Now that I think about what I’ve just said, I think it’s time to disregard the GPS suggested route in Head-to-Head races, but the only problem doing that will be Drivatars seem to know if they will hit a roadblock (unbreakable barriers etc.) by ignoring the suggested GPS route and just heading straight for the finish. That said, I’ve also seen the Drivatar in Head-to-Head races vanish and become totally lost, never to be seen again. No doubt these issues will get better over time with more updates and player feedback.

It could be the track because I was in a race today and could of sworn I went to the right of the red smoke for the checkpoint but it didn’t say I skipped it so some mm of my car must of touched it or something lol. Sometimes it does seem like if you’re close enough to the checkpoint even if you don’t go between it nothing comes up saying you skipped it.

Noticed this myself.
Sometimes it does give them an advantage as well and it can mess you up if you don’t pay attention.
I was driving along and was just following another AI character assuming it was going the right direction then I missed the checkpoint and he didn’t.
If I didn’t have rewind it would have left me way behind. It doesn’t seem right that they get to skip the checkpoints while you don’t.

Check out the vid here, keep an eye on 3rd place.


Damn! lets hope this is fixed , I’m sure it will be