Why does the game cheat?

I have seen it quite a few times now, the Drivatars do not even have to go through checkpoints. lol, what is up with that?

The Drivatars, have already completed the race, if they dont go through the checkpoint, it is most likely because you pushed them.

Nope - the drivatars frequently miss the checkpoints (usually the same ones) and it is a coding issue that Playground Games haven’t bothered trying to fix. Nothing you can do about it unfortunately.

Yep, the one in Castelleto is one is always happens, however theyre easy to beat so need all the help they can get xD

Yes, turning left up the hill in Castelletto instead of going through the speed camera into town the AI always miss the checkpoint - some of them anyway.

The other checkpoint they miss is in Saint-Martin where you go beneath the highway and then turn right to go under the highway again after (maybe) getting some air. Then you are forced to go off-road and take the checkpoint in the grass beneath the third underpass but the AI will stay on the road and don’t even bother with the checkpoint.

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It doesn’t really matter since the unbeatable mode is extremely beatable once you learn how to drive properly.

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