Drivatar difficulty needs some adjusting

It needs a tiny bit tweaking, 'cause in some cases cars would either stay competitively racing, crank the difficulty up to expert and suddenly you have a car that controls like a pro difficulty car while the others are behind you or driving right past you. You can’t catch up to them, you can’t beat them, and you remain in 2nd place. Now I’m not saying it’s TOO difficult, but when it does it to the cross country races, it gets a bit annoying. Some of these cars don’t even control that way in cross country.

I have noticed that yes, it seems sometimes you and 2nd place are the only ones racing. It also differs a lot between car series you are using. You could make the argument that some series a person may be better at and not realize it. As in, they may be a great dirt racer but not so good at road racing. Thus, when they try road racing it seems they are being unfairly out paced but just are not used to it like they are in dirt. That being said, I agree that it seems like sometimes 1st place is on steroids and you have to battle him and only him, while the rest chill in the back and just follow each other. I had that happen last night. I was racing muscle and had to hash it out with a Nova but the rest were over 5 seconds behind us.

Use the right cars and you can beat em all on unbeatable no problem. People use terrible cars and wonder why they lose, and instead of improving themselves, they want to change how the game plays. Stop please.

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Tweaking lower difficulties is not ‘changing’ how the game plays. I’m just saying it needs to be tweaked because it’s really inconsistant with the difficulties.

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