Difficulty in Quick Race

OK so I have to play medium difficulty and it’s a yawn. I drive a Lotus (like in real life). I have built up almost all my cars by 100 points to the next level so the chassis is exactly what I want. I have Lotuses in b500, A600, S700. In each class on any track Where I have experience I always seem to grid 6th and pass the field by turn 3. Then it’s like driving to Dairy Queen.
So… I up the difficulty to hard, then to professional. In hard, they don’t give me faster or more experienced or successfull opponents. They give me a bunch of rce Ferraris who knock me off the track and drive into the woods at turn one. In professional, I swear it’s kids who in r4eal life cannot even reach the pedals on a car. It’s esxactly like “hard” setting except they all have Veyrons and half of them don’t even get to turn one. Am I missing something here. I can outdrive anything I am up against but I have to stay on a boring setting to not get hockey-pucked off the track. wtf? anyone?

I hear ya. I haven’t done a lot of quick races with the guys set on anything other than hard. Because the few times I have I experienced what you did. Stupidity in the AI drivers. I suppose it will make you more aware of your surroundings which might be a good lesson.

You need to start racing online or find a club to race with. Online lobbies is like the stupid AI cars. There’s some really good, nice guys. Most of them are fast. And then there are a few nice slow guys. And then there are crazy people who think it’s a crash up derby. Learning how to stay away from the crazies is the big challenge. And sometimes impossible. But it CAN be fun sometimes. When everyone is driving nice, it can be really really fun. Or if you somehow manage to get past the crazies and they don’t bother you.

I should say some of the really fast guys don’t have a lot of patience and run you off the road too. I think some guys get so fast that they are a little like “nobody is getting in my way” kind of an attitude.


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Here’s my take on quick race. Race with a car faster than the A,I grid. You can create a private online lobby choose the cars you want them in for more of a challenge but they’ll always be slower
unless you’re in career mode.