Getting old, slow and almost blind, so when I struggle to get among top 3 I adjust difficulty setting, but it doesnt seem to have any effect. From average to expert I cant see any difference. AI races away from me at start and Im ending up at same position and AI have more or less similar times.
Are all the AIs other players or are there specific times on different levels?


I started on the regular difficulty and it has auto upped me 2 or 3 levels already, just made the roster. I find it much easier than FM6 or FH2, the last 2 I played.

I’ve noticed the ai difficulty is a little weird this game, where the lead 1 or 2 cars leap away from the pack. You could drop it to the easiest difficult and if you can win then it’ll eventually start giving a popup asking if you want to increase the difficulty.

But yes, I have noticed difficulty being inconsistent.

They leap away from the field and then at around 50 % they seem to slow down. Also, sometimes they don’t adjust to your car, leaving you free to absolutely dust them. Noticed some blockades as well on some tracks (the train yard for example, near the containers) where the AI would just get stuck in droves.

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I did a race last night. Colossus with a Rule Britannia blueprint and set it to S2 with AI difficulty set at Pro. For some reason it set a Bentley Bentaga in the roster that was only S1 898 build in pole. I’m in a S2 998 Aston Martin Vulcan and once the race started It took me to almost 40% of the race to get near that Bentley and pass it after I had gotten by the other S2 cars easily… So yeah the AI is wonky in its rubberbanding. That Bentley rocketed off and led that race like nobodies business but then about 40% just slowed down and finished last in race. Just made me shake my head on AI programming again and it’s horrible setup. I thought FM7 drivatars where bad but these are worse.

When you pull up to an event and ask to enter it may give you options of solo. co-op, pvp etc.

If you choose solo or co-op then your competitors are ai.

I would suggest adjust the difficulty in the menu separate from a race.

Then restart your game and recheck the difficulty menu to check. Then start a race.

I have found the difficulty settings make quite a large difference so I wonder if your change is not saving. When you change it should say “downloading new drivatars”.

I have had the same experiences with the Avatars, where no matter what the difficulty setting is, the Avatar’s cars all seem impossible fast at the start. I noticed a couple of times all but the car in first position can be ran down, if I drive (at least what I consider) absolute perfect. The lead car is always 1/4 lap ahead and way more if I slam into a wall or run into a fence or something to slow me down. I also think it kinda punishes you if you bump into any car, even if its just a touch… Idk… Maybe, I am just going to the race with the wrong kinda car? I find some races are way easier with slower, non tuned cars. I thought previous versions was better at recommending cars to use and what class.


The AI difficulty can be inconsistent at times (especially on cross country races), but don’t forget that the player’s car makes a huge difference in race difficulty as well.

One way to make things more consistent is to have one car for each type of race that you put a good tune on (if you’re not comfortable with tuning, go download one). The AI doesn’t do conversions when auto-upgrading vehicles, so if you really want to abuse the AI pick a class like classic muscle where none of cars have AWD normally and pick a tune with AWD. That will give you a huge advantage at the beginning of the race and make your vehicle easier to control overall.

If you want one do-everything car, then build it for cross-country first since that’s the most difficult race type. If you can handle high-powered cars, do an AWD and maxed-out engine swap tune and the AI will have trouble upgrading their vehicles enough to keep up with you. I’ve got a dodge viper with twin turbos, AWD and rally tires/suspension that completely destroys the AI with its launch off the start line so I’m practically at the front of the pack from the beginning of the race even on higher difficulties.

In this game AI is just weird, rubber banding is huge and selected car factor is just really dumb (compared to earlier F series…)

Selecting low car classes mean pretty easy win as AI cant cheat as much with traction. This is not funny, I’d like consistent AI, not depending what car I drive.
If I choose powerful RWD and bad weather I have struggle with car and traction but AI drives with no problem…
Too much rubber banding makes game look like ordinary arcade racer, not Forza.

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I’ve noticed that difficulty always seems to be higher when new Forza games come out. I believe this is because more expereienced and better players are preordering the game causing drivatar difficulty to be higher than it will be in the end. I’m not entirely sure how the AI drivatar system works, but I did notice last year with Forza motorsport 7 that the difficulty significantly decreased after the new year. I suspect at the moment difficulty is at its highest but should decrease overtime. In my oexperiencepinion I feel like unbeatable is easier than pro lol

Yesterday, I did a 10 laps small circuit road races.
I was able to catch most of the drivatars to reach 2nd place. BUT first place drivatar stayed few hundred meters in front of me and I was not able to catch him. But it is OK for me as you don’t have to win the race
As someone said, car choice/tune is really important for your competitivity

I recently had a stroke and it’s affected my ability to game so at the moment i’m hovering between “above average” and “highly skilled”. I’ve only seen the rubber banding of the sort you mentioned once.
I have however noticed another kind of rubber banding which i think is caused by lag. I’ll be racing along and the game will pause for a second, or go slowly then it will speed up to catch up to were it should be. This causes all kinds of accidents and mishaps which i then have to rewind to put straight. It doesn’t happen often but it’s highly disastrous when it does.
I find this version is harder currently because of my stroke and i’m relying on assists to race, but it’s nothing i didn’t expect and the difficulty seems about right to me.

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Get well soon. :frowning:

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Thanks man!

I had to go down from unbeatable to pro due to the fact that Forza hired NASA Space X to launch the cars past you.

Download some tunes or tune yourself to ensure the cars competetive in the given class. Also picking the right car for the event helps. Some races lend themselves to cars that need a good top speed. Some require more acceleration. Just having the right tyres for the conditions is a good starting point.

Welcome to the club. There have been a series of threads about this, there is a not-insignificant amount of people complaining about how the AI seems to behave in races.

Tho long and short of it is that it seems AI just rockets forward to give you a “challenge”, then at certain points during the race they slow down to give you an opportunity to catch up and overtake. It’s not as bad when racing against equally rated cars, but if you race in an X rated car, and the drivatars are driving A/B/C cars (this happened to me a lot, I was racing a Senna vs Ford Focuses and Audi TTs) then the drivatars’ cars will get boosted to match yours, so they become this ungodly rocketship that’s nigh impossible to catch. For those races I just bumb the difficulty down to new racer.

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Thx for all replies.
I think I agree with quote. Seems AI are fast in the beginning and slow at the end of races. Can get used to it I guess, but I would have prefered even competition from start and all the way through the race. Then it would be good fun racing my own level the whole race, but now its more racing alone first half of race then fight like hell to pass AI on last section…

The biggest issue isn’t really drivatar difficulty. There’s three main culprits to being pulled on by the top two lead cars.

The first is your launch. If you’re driving RWD, stop full throttling on your launch, all you’re doing is spinning 1-3 and stay in 6-12th position for the first 10 seconds. If you can’t get your launches right, then you’re going to have to switch to AWD and use a cookie cutter setup.

The second is the type of car the drivatars have and your car. An example is a tight-corner circuit lap that’s only 1.5 miles long and you’re in a S1 GTR that weighs 3000lbs and has long gears which goes 215mph. Obviously, you’re going to be a disadvantage against the Lotus that weighs 2200 pounds with short gears and can only go 160mph. Pick your car and your tunes for the track you’re entering.

The third is the drivatars that are between you and the first position. If you’re in a car that can take turns 20-30mph faster than every other car but there’s 4 cars in front of you all hogging up the road, you’re going to have to find a way around them… or else you’re going to be slamming into them constantly. Don’t always follow the driveline because then you’re never going to be able to move around the computers. They’re designed to follow that line as strictly as possible.

Hope that helps.

TL;DR; use AWD, pick a better car for the track, drivatars are road hogs and can’t drive.

I was having the same experience with the AI controlled cars pulling away from me at the beginning of the races. I couldn’t stay on the road and avoiding last was impossible with the faster cars until I went to the FESTIVAL SITE then GARAGE then UPGRADES & TUNING then CUSTOM UPGRADE. I upgraded everything and then finally I was getting first place.