Drivatar aggression needs some serious work

This just happened to me…

I’m driving the red Saleen S7 here in career mode, Volume 3 - Timberland series - race 6/6 at Spa. My drivatar aggression limitations are switched on…

(I also shared the replay, I believe I named it “drivatar aggro”).

You tried to drive onto the track as the pack was flying past, and you were collected by a drivatar. To be honest that was likely, and once you start spinning across the track that’s not aggression, it’s secondary accidents. The bit where they’re pushing you along is a bit messed up i’ll grant you. A bug in the coding probably. But everything else was just consequences of the various unavoidable contacts.

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Yes I’m talking about the bit where they push me along for several hundreds of meters, that is just totally wrong. I know where I come on the track it’s dangerous to get a collision but hey… it’s not multiplayer, just emotionless drivatars I’m farming for credits and career completion.

Yes but you’re doing something that is not generally acceptable or expected in racing, so it’s no wonder the Drivatars have no idea what to do. That was my point, they didn’t anticipate it. It was beyond their programming so they reverted to driving as if you weren’t there!
They do need some better collision avoidance skills at times such as this, but you did something unexpected and they didn’t know how to respond, so they went back to default behaviour i suspect.
It probably won’t happen if you don’t drive across the track instead of along it…