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I think this is partly why people drive so aggressively online. The game itself is showing them that it’s ok to do this.

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The system is a bit quirky. A lot of times they take odd lines through corners and still manage to keep their momentum. If you come into light contact with them, they just shake it of instantly while your car seems to have a hard time regaining control. On unbeatable when you finally get into second place to chase down the leader, he now runs 4 seconds faster a lap.

Turn 10 is trying to pull away from the boring ai that other racing games have, but the drivatars seem to be a work in progress.

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The problem with drivatars is that the ai emulates how a driver races those scenarios. Ie if your a clean fast driver it emulates that, but if your a shunter, rammer, pitter or w/e you call it, It will emulate that. And aside from the top half percent of the players, the rest of us make mistakes, where I think the problem lies is that simple mistakes get amplified by the ai and causes erratic drivatar behavior. Ie braking late and bumping the car in front of you teaches the ai algorithm that you drive that way intentionally, or trading paint turns into shunts and pits. Basically it’s a system that needs refining, but, rubber band ai that does the same lines all the time being predictable, isn’t fun either. If I find myself having to deal with too much chaos at the beginning of a race with drivatars in career, and restarting, I’ll just swap in a ghost or specter card for that race. If I don’t have one I go buy mods till I get one, as money is no object in the game. I haven’t ever had below 10 mil in my credits bank. It’s nice but sad, not having to actually worry about how I spend credits in game.

I also agree that 4 was a world above 5 or 6 features wise and online and so will many others here. But I do like the game play 6 offers, minus not having a event list option. Split screen drags, etc. Things that will probably but don’t quote me, or hold me to it in the next forza motorsport iteration, especially if horizon 3 is any indication of some future features that will be brought back. As its unlikely they’ll add it into 6 now if they didn’t within the first month.

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