Drift Zone Leaderboard Clean-up

FH5 Drift Zone Leaderboard Clean-up

In Series 2, we adjusted how Drift Zone scores are calculated. The purpose of this change was to balance how points are distributed in both automatic and manual gearshift scenarios. This meant that some of the highest scoring entries on Leaderboards became unachievable, and spoiled the fun of attaining a new high score record for some of our players.

We’ve heard your feedback on this and are in the process of deleting all Drift Zone scores entered before January 14, 2022.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on the overall health and fairness of our Leaderboards. We’re also investigating a new process to validate and remove illegitimate Rivals lap times more efficiently. We’ll share more updates on this as soon we have them.


This is good news. Will you do anything about the several kilometers long records on danger signs and other PR stunts as well? Nearly all leaderboards have cheaters and hackers in it. This includes hall of fame and stories as well.

Thank you so much! :heart:

Why would anyone even think of this? At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something similar for TCR and STC turned ON :upside_down_face:

I have my drift cars but I need help here is why, when I go on a wide or tight corner the wheels of my car will get high pitched and my car will spin out on a tight one. on the wider ones my car does the same thing but straitens out I need some tips.

Tighter corners generally need less power applied. I’ll often drop a gear for them to make it easier to maintain drift. The longer sweeping corners will need more power applied to maintain the drift. It’s a trickier scenario. For me at least, higher power cars make this easier. When the car is trying to straighten, full counter steering lock will also make the car straighten quicker. I exclusively drift rwd and tune my own cars but I think awd needs the power applied similarly. Have fun!

Maybe next big thing you do for drift zones is separating RWD/FWD and AWD from drift zones? RWD = Drifting, FWD = Sliding and AWD = Power Sliding

Drifting is only for RWD cars in real world, we dont have any races for drifting with FWD or AWD cars so for this game i would like to see separated leaderboards for these different classes.

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