Drift zone points substantially lower after update

As the title states, the amount points you get in drift zones has been reduced since today’s update. It was not mentioned in the patch but it’s been altered.
Earlier today I could hit 55k at the Giro Endorvado drift zone (the zone that’s a single turn located north of the main festival) every attempt. After the patch today I’m struggling to get past 43k. I got on discord with a couple of my FH5 drift buddies and they confirmed that they also score considerably less while drifting.

So, something changed and wasn’t in the patch notes. Was it intentional or is this a new bug?

If this was intentional the leaderboards need to be reset.


You know that sometimes the weather affects the drift score. You score most on wet surfaces.

Yeah, weather has a factor in it. But OP is right, it’s way less points now after the update.
I am using my go to score car for drift zones and can’t even come close to the numbers
I usually hit.
So they have done something with this update. :frowning:

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I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit on the Giro Endorvado drift zone trying to beat a fellow clubmates score. I know for a fact I can hit 55.6-55.8k just about every single time. I’ve been trying to hit 56.1k for a while now. And then after the update today I was getting 42-43k. I thought maybe I just needed to warm up. Did it like 6 more times and still 42-43k. I knew I was either going crazy or something changed lol

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I think its the steering changes

Did you notice? It’s much better now, right?

So is this Normal steering or Simulated Steering changes?

I never used normal, but H5 had almost simulation as normal and now it looks it a bit more like simulation but still not H4 simulation. And I feel lower input lag.

I am on normal steering. May be my mind playing tricks but drifting on my go to drift car feels harder to nail continuous drifts.

I have done some missing drift zone accolades today and I break some of my personal records while am doing these timed dual accolades containing 3 stars rating in two drift zones with the 2 minute time limits.

I am playing with keyboard on PC (Microsoft Store Version), I didn’t recognized any changes in the controls…

Was only glad that they delete the accolades where you have to get 100 000 or 200 000 drift points with a specific car in a specific drift zone. Tried that with one car (viper) in it’s drift zone for about three hours and got only 2700 points close to the 200 000. So happy that they get rid of that…

OK so it seems that PC might be OK I’ll test the Drift Zones now.

Unfortunately it does appear that something has been changed with the way in which you gain score whilst in a Drift Zone whether it was intentional or unintentional it should be looked into and resolved as soon as possible. After becoming number 1 on 2 separate Drift Zones I could instantly tell something wasn’t right with the scoring after each Drift Zone, Hopefully they can resolve this issue as soon as possible so we can continue to compete for the top spots.

OK I’ve figured out what they’ve done to the drifting. You score more for going wide, but they have allowed you to also go way out onto the dirt, and you score even more on the dirt than on the road. So the wider you go the more you score, plus the road is very wide now.

They have also done something to the steering. You can slide sideways without spinning out, and they removed some double twist action that was happening to the car that was new in FH5, and not in FH4.


Hrm. I’ll have to see if I can 3 star the drift zones now.

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These changes seem to be primarily focused on the gravel drift zone.
Back in FH4, I saw a lot of complaints that it was hard to tell the boundary between the surface of these gravel drift zones and the rest of the area, making it difficult to get a score.
Aside from the issue of not being able to score as well as before with traditional style and line, this change seems to have improved this issue and made it easier for more players to score in these areas.

OK you’ve gone completely off topic now.

Might be an unpopular opinion, but as a non-drifter I felt the drifting PR stunts were far too easy in FH5. I always struggled to meet the drift requirements in PR events in past games. I pretty much got 3 stars in first attempt on them in FH5. I didn’t even need to change to manual and most don’t even need TC or STM turned off. The 500,000 one I got around 800,000. There’s no way I could do that in previous titles. So maybe this is a balance which would be good. But if they did it should have been mentioned.

It does appear that scoring higher is easier in especially in dirt drift zones I just improved my PB on Orto Mundo by roughly 30K.

They definitely did something. I did like 20 runs on 3-5 various drift zones and I was not even able to come close to my previous attempts and I’m pretty sure I got better, I’m holding very long drifts with high angles and the score just does not climb as it supposed to. They should definitely check that. I thought I was going crazy.

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