Does Eliminator really need car drops?

First of all, this is my opinion and if a majority of you prefer car drops then I’ll shut up and accept my fate :smiley:

But I just started a session earlier and I immediately got a level 7 car in the very beginning. A welcome surprise, but it felt really unfair to other racers.
The moment I got it I thought to myself “well, I’m winning this one”. And I did. And skill had nothing to do with it. Just don’t crash into any trees and you’re good.

Wouldn’t it be much better if the only way you’d be able to upgrade is by challenging other players? And maybe cut the first three, four classes of cars, since they’re really slow and boring?

Again, I might be in the minority here, but I really think that Eliminator is way too much luck oriented that way

Edit: another option is, limit car drops to a certain level/time
level 2 - 3 in the beginning
4 - 6 in the mid-game
6+ in the last rounds

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just you wait …
some user will come here an tell you that you are wrong and that the whole game mode is skill and experience.
he is fool though and is so into himself that he cant see the truth!

as you said this game mode is luck!
the car drop location are rng
and the cars inside the drop are rng
this makes the game mode about luck and not about skill and experience
skill and experience can not get you a level 7 or level 10 car at a drop!

this game mode needs to be removed in my opinion along with character customization and more
actually the whole game seems pretty dead!



You’re probably right. Let me rephrase it for those people:

“I manifested a level 7 car drop in the beginning of Eliminator with my pure skill and experience”

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Do you even play this mode?
I agree that finding high lever drop is pretty rng, but you still have to drive it to destination. I have been on both sides, but IIRC only once was challanged by lvl 7 Trailcat. I still don’t know where he went, so gladly took his car.

As to OP - That would be nice challange. Same as other topic with suggestion to have “road only” Eliminator. Although I think we need to start with longer rounds (before arena shrinks) + more players in session. Even now there are some rounds where I race one or two people before final circle.
EDIT: I also think that it is unfair advantage. So if I find higher level car and see that someone was going to get it too I never challange them, but drive to them, bump them, use quick chat “Prepare for elimination” and drive away :slight_smile:

Hi, it’s me “user”. If eliminator was all about luck then how is it possible for me to win 5 eliminators in a row? Do the math. 5 eliminators with 60 players. If it was all about luck then I basically won the lottery back to back. The reason I can win 5 in a row has more to do with knowledge (knowing what to do) and experience (how to do it). Skill does play a factor. So to does luck. But knowledge/experience above all else.

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Eliminator is forzas version of battle royal where car drops are the equivalent of weapon drops.


I don’t mind the car drops that people get as soon as entering the game…though I have issues with getting Level 10s straight away as that is too much. To be honest, my main issue with car drops is with the Level of the cars…some cars are just wrong for the Level they are based…I had the Level 7 Ford bronco the other day and was beaten with ease cross country by a Level 5 car (think it was an Audi)…the other car was just plain faster, even across bumpy terrain. Too many of the cars simply don’t fit their Level.

This Game Mode is a combination of skill, experience and luck…the skill and experience in knowing where you need to go at any given time (Head-2-heads, final showdown etc) and being able to traverse it cleanly; the luck in getitng car drops, finding low level players to challenge etc. Personally, my participation in Eliminator is about 80% luck with the remaining 20% being Blind Luck!!


Another option might be to limit car levels in drops in certain parts of the game. For example, in the beginning the cars in car drops would be limited to levels 2 and 3
Levels 4 - 6 in mid-game
Level 6+ last rounds

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It’s a main feature of battle royale mode
U start somewhere and search for best loot if u are lucky u got it early in game but doesnt mean u win in the end

“User” is onto something. The most I’ve won in a row is 8. Skill, knowledge and luck plays a role in this mode. One thing I will tell you, luck is not the lion share of those 3 things, its the least meaningful actually. What people fail to understand, level 10s do not guarantee a win. Majority of the finals I’ve actually lost I was in a level 10. You need to learn to which car is the best weapon for where the final begins. I actually do not always take the upgrade because I’ve won enough games to know which cars are better than others. KNOWLEDGE is the most important part of winning, knowledge of the map, skill to handle the vehicle you are using and finally luck. Luck plays more of a role in missing trees, buildings and rollovers opposed to starting in the correct place to grab a high drop.


You know, I was thinking this exact same thing after playing FH4 for a few weeks after release.

Always did my nut in when pottering about in the Mini for several minutes while watching the level 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s being collected.

Ended up changing my strategy after a while and if I didn’t stumble upon a L5 or higher by the end of the first area shrink, I’d quit and start again.

I did get the odd high-level car from time to time and managed to win many game of The Eliminator along the way, but always thought the car drop levels should have been limited and increased as the the rounds progressed.

So, I totally agrre with what you are suggesting.

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I like the idea of challenging someone to get a car upgrade.

The only thing that’s gonna save the eliminator is a team mode or at least a mode where I cam play with friends. Everyone I know plays the eliminator either never, or only once a week to do the weekly.

Imo nothing can save eliminator in FH5 due to the map.

In FH4 when you race someone from point A to point B there are often multiple different routes to take. Some safe but long. Others risky but short. In a sense it was well balanced as low lvl cars could risk cutting through trees to beat high lvl cars. Likewise who ever was not in front could take multiple risks to take the lead.

In contrast, FH5 only requires you to drive in a straight line. There’s no strategy or tactics, there is typically only one route, cutting through trees isn’t an option for low lvl cars due to the logs.

So how to make eliminator better in FH5? Imo the map would need a complete overhaul. It might be possible to use all existing assets but these would all need to be moved from the outer parts of the map to the center. The map should then be shrunk to half it’s current size. Logs between trees removed. More lakes or buildings added. More vertical elevation away from volcano.

This will never happen though. I’ve played since FH4 and noticed they never release new content, ever. Instead they build something and move onto the next thing which right now will be the first expansion to FH5 and Forza Motorsport. What the game needs at this stage isn’t either of these. It needs new content to be developed and released.

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