Does anyone play the Crew 2?

I see the Crew 2 is coming to game pass next week and a few people I know are already playing it. Is it worth trying or is FH5 better?

Btw I’m not promoting this game. Nor do I know anything about it. Just interested to know what fellow Forza players think.

From what I’ve seen, it has the classic arcade blunder of having cars turn from the middle like they’re toys a 5 year old is playing with.

Physics are always going to be an important thing for me, but they particular asinine physics choice is one I cannot tolerate for any reason. It’s why I couldn’t play NFS: Heat, in spite of loving most of the non-physics related stuff about that game. I may give it a try, but I doubt it’ll last more than 30 minutes before I turn it off in disgust.

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I 100%'ed it a while ago and the best way to sum it up is the same as other non FH open world racing games, FH is the better game but it does certain things much better + just feels like the devs are trying a lot more than PG have been in recent years.

It’s worth checking out just for the map alone, it’s absolutely huge, plenty of US cities + landmarks and has racetracks built into it including Laguna Seca.

Makes you wonder how big of a map FH could have by now if MS weren’t likely always on PG’s backs about the graphics for each new game having to be tip top to showcase the console.

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I mean that seems a little OTT, neither this or NFS claim to be anything other than arcadey when it comes to physics, NFS has had that kind of driving for 12 years now since HP2010 was the first time since MW that an entry received widespread praise, and the 1st Crew game’s physics were stiff + lifeless.

Not often I disagree with you but it would be purely your own fault + perspective if you ended up disgusted by TC2, it’s physics are simple + easy to get used to, there’s nothing objectively wrong with them.

That’s more that fair, but it does suck that video game developers have it stuck in their head that open world, open format racing games must be terrible physics.

I’ve got nothing against the Crew 2 in particular, just the industry trend.

I could take a whack at the fact that it’s an Ubisoft game too, but honestly I don’t think there is a genre better suited to the typical Ubisoft formula. My only issues there are their fine-tuned, corporate approved, buzzword infused, severely edited to the point that it has no personality anymore presentation, and the fact that they’re going to force an awful launcher on me layered under the current launcher because shoving their brand in my face is more important than a good user experience.

Edit: I do realize I’m particularly picky when it comes to physics. I’ve decided to embrace it. I don’t look down on others for choosing otherwise. If people are having fun playing the Crew 2, that’s fantastic. Doesn’t make them less of a driving fan or whatever. If anything it makes me less, because I’m willing to be picky. Meant no offence to the Crew 2 fans.

I play it. It has some aspects that are better than what Horizon 5 offers. For example a lot more visual customisation for cars - even modern hypercars and such. Want to have a widebody Senna? Got you.

It also has some unique cars that are rarely seen in games. Especially French ones (Bugatti Centodieci, LVN, 57 Atlantic, Chiron SS 300+, Renault RS 01…).

Downsides are the map quality (it’s extremely vast but lacks detail), car physics and the class system.
If you find your fun mostly in driving then it won’t be very pleasing. If you want to run a lot of different vehicle categories, have fun customising & enjoy numerous game modes then it’ll be fun.

You can hit me up via PM for more specific questions. I have maxed every category, have experience with tuning & setting top 10 times (nitrous management, track knowledge, game mechanic abuses).

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I’d have to agree + disagree on the map at the same time, agree it lacks detail but the sheer size of it makes it that you could drive so many different roads + places without repetition kicking in, I’d certainly recommend it ahead of FH for anyone who just wants to drive around + explore a big place.

A middle ground between both games would be great, FH like I say above likely suffers from MS demanding it looks 10/10 every entry so a big map at the same time is just not possible, while TC1 + 2’s arguably biggest selling point is that huge landscape but obviously the graphics quality has to take a hit to accommodate it.

I said on here a while ago I would happily still have FH looking like FH2 if it meant a much bigger map in the following games, even 8 years on it’s still good looking enough to satisfy all but those who think graphics are the be all and end all of games.

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Entering in the conversation just to follow along for now. If it’s on game pass I’ll give it a go.