The Crew’s vast and open world allows you to drive to and on various real world racetracks such as ‘Laguna Seca’ and ‘Sebring’. This is something I have always wanted! Now the issue is these tracks are not modelled as correctly as say Forza 5, also the driving physics in ‘The Crew’ are arcade as all hell but it doesn’t take away from my addiction to just driving in this game.

But what I would kill for is Forza’s attention to detail, physics and gameplay with this massive open world that give you the freedom to drive to and from a racetrack in one country, imagine Forza Horizon & Motorsport mixed together!

Would you want such a game? I think it’s a great new way to enjoy a driving/racing game!

Mind you I have been more addicted to playing ‘The Crew’ than ‘Forza Horizon 2’ - mainly because of the sheer lenght of driving from place to another.

If The Crew had Forza 5 or H2 physics it would be one of the best races ever made, Horizon 2 map is just too small not to get bored quickly.

The Crew is awesome, I’m enjoying it so much! Way better then any open driving game that has been released before. I don’t want to change the handling, it is way better then I expected it to be. The only thing I want for the Crew is an offline mode, this always online thing isn’t fun after being kicked out of the game several times now. Most of the times it works, but it is fragile.

I honestly do not believe you just said that.

Each to their own I know but I never thought I would hear anyo0ne, anywhere say that The Crew had good handling, it is appalling.


Just thought Id pop in and appal you even more by agreeing with him ;) Within the realm of Arcade handling its been a while since I had that much fun. Drifting up and down some serpentines on dirt spec just feels good.

I have played pretty much every racing game on xbox 360 and now the one.

Burnout Paradise and the first NFS Most Wanted are two of my most favourite games.

I can enjoy arcade racing games.

It is still my view that The Crew’s handling is bad.

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Forza is a racing simulator, meanwhile The Crew is a driving simulator, with the traffic, driving and braking coming with it.

I’m not taking of your hand what you have on it, I agree with the awful physics; but you had to high expectations for what it is not.

You have no idea what my expectations are.

As I have said I play every single racing game that comes out and can enjoy them all.

I also own around 15 cars at level 1299 so I know what a maxed out car feels like in every region.

The handling is still pretty much the worst handling in any game I have played that has cars in it irrespective of whether it is as arcade as they come or sim something.

Burnout 3 beats it lol.

I have no expectations of it being like any Forza games. I knew it would be arcade. It still sucks and is painful to play but sadly my completion addiction (achievement wise) is back for racing games so the pain will continue.

Some of my 1299 cars I have deliberately gone after grip bonuses to try and help but it still sucks.

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I know it is bad, and even though I think that Forza offers the physics that get the closest to reality, I love The Crew’s one. For your information, it gets better everytime you level up; and varies depending the region where you’re driving at.

Besides, you don’t always want to break on every corner, to arrive at a slow speed. I don’t want to, at least.

No such thing as offline for MMO.

(unless kingdoms of amular)

I have described it as The Crew would be a good game if it was made by PG or Turn 10.

I like the concept but hate a few things about the implementation so much so that I can not play the game for long enough to really get the full benefit.

Then of course is the crashing and freezing.

Last night I was finally getting into it in the dirt cars but when I went to enter a race it froze and I left it for 5 minutes but it would still not enter the race or allow me to get back to free drive.

played the crew beta… I had higher expectations the handling is horrid and I’m glad I didn’t go rush out to buy it :frowning:

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The feed back in the crontroller is just not there. The controller is just dead. I feel like I lost one of my senses when playing the game. I love how open it is tho. Very much like Forza horizon meets forZa Motorsport. Now it is time for a forza world

In terms of The Crew… I just rented it from gamefly, spent two days grinding missions to save enough money to buy a '69 Charger. In order to do any little thing to the car you have to apply the “street kit”, fair enough… But as soon as I did I immediately felt a seething, burning loath for the customization mechanics!!! Upgrading it changed the front end, hood, rims, tail panel and added a tasteless spoiler.

Me: “NONONONO!!! What did you do to my car!!!”

I quickly find out that you can’t restore the stock hood, or remove the spoiler and I immediately turned off the game. First thing on Monday I’m sticking it back in the mail and getting another rental.

All I wanted to do is repaint it, change the rims and see what all other options where available. But the game crosses it’s arms and said nope “your car is now a big ol bowl of rice, cos I said so”. No, oh Heck no!!!

The game looks okay, drives okay, the map is fantastic… But that’s just a deal breaker!!!