Crew Motorfest

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The game is based on the Island of Oahu. I live on The Big Island of Hawaii. It would have been a much better place to base the game. Driving on the actual island of Oahu is kind of like looking at a bowl of raman noodles and trying to follow one individual noodle around the bowl. To get from point a to point b in real life you have to go through points f, y, s, c, and j. And I’m not really exaggerating either.

And if you miss a check point, like I did, :wink::grin: you end up at a Military guard post. Where a friendly young heavily armed person kindly instructs you to turn around. But they will help you find where you are trying to get.

Plus, The Big Island is SO MUCH PRETTIER!

I signed up for the crew test release. The first release schedule is for PC only. They don’t say which platforms are scheduled following.

I would assume they are in Phase 1, since they just released information to the public today.

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Hope it’ll deliver. I’m glad there aren’t any planes or boats. Looks like they actually listened to the community unlike some other unspecified development team.

But I’m a bit weary because, well, Ubisoft. I’m sure it’ll launch in a VERY rough state.
On the other hand, same happened to The Crew 2. Launched in an almost catastrophic state, got patched up over the years and by the time it got more or less fixed up, I managed to get the ultimate edition for 8$ on Epic. Totally worth it :smiley:

There will be boats and planes, but the main focus is on cars.

Hopefully this game is an actual competitor to horizon. At least to some degree

id like to see:

Better UI, The overall structure of the main campaign improved, the racing experience- Hopefully a clear focus on what each event is meant to be - i really hate how youd enter lets say a street race event and then just end up racing against a timer and knocking down boxes and what not, better AI, improved handling - not expecting horizon handling but some improvements nonetheless, no car parts dropping after u finish an event

Better game performance, at least somewhat good looking graphics, less cringy dialogue, decently large map size. And overall not to play like a mobile game.

Hopefully they havent done too much copy pasting and that the devs really did overhaul the the game. Whitin these expectations

Boats? On Hawaii? Why if it’s just Oahu? No lakes or rivers at all. Sure, Harbors and ocean but if it’s just one island. Where ya gonna go? Where?

Would be cool to have bikes in next forza

I don’t know but they said there will be in an interview. Who knows…

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