The Crew Motorfest

I’m seeing some creator videos come up on YouTube.

Djs has his up. Hoki had his

I didn’t watch the ubi showcase but written previews seem solid - driving physics improved for one

120e for the ultimate edition, 3 days early access (some other game coming has 5 days…)

With 2 cars a month for a year among the add-ons.

Seems steep imo

Pretty much a standard nowadays. Even if you look away from how many people are involved in making “high profile” games nowadays and the costs involved in that, the running of servers, support, and so forth, it still comes down to one thing.

They’ll only charge what they know people will be willing to part with and not a single cent less, or hope that you’ll give them 15€ per month for Ubi+ instead for the same thing and games you either don’t want or already have.

I’m never going to buy another Crew game again. The second one was better in the open beta than the release version, and it only went downhill from there.

They kept making the game worse overall with every “update”, and changed the way cars handled all the time. The cynic in me says it was to make people grind virtual money (or even spend real dough) so they could afford the new meta.

Also, unlike Forza you have to beat roughly 95% (or whatever being in the top 3000 converts to) of the other players so you get the top weekly reward.


Only played tc1 so can’t comment on your #rant :slight_smile: but will take your word on it

I was “fortunate” to get TC2 free via one of the Epic weekly freebies. I say “fortunate” because spending money on it would have been more than disappointing and upsetting.

I think that gives a hint towards things.

I got that one free when Ubi gave it away for their anniversary a couple years back. Liking it was part of the reason I bought part 2. Lesson learned, never buy a game on the merits of another.

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I see that Ubi are doing a 5 hour “free trial” of TCM for anyone who has not ordered from Sept 14-17, with any progress carried over if you buy. Doesn’t matter which platform, open to everyone.

That’s how you hype a game instead of what we have seen so far about FM and being left with more questions than answers…

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Fun fact, demos stopped being a thing because they convinced more people NOT to buy a game, making it an even bigger waste of time, money, and (wo)manpower for the developers.

Also, another fun fact, the “beta” version of TC2 looked a lot better than the final product. They turned down the amount of smoke you can have trail your plane by a ton, turned off the car headlights and made “nights” that look like late afternoon.

Fun fact, it’s still more than FM which still hasn’t, to the best of my knowledge, even released a video of someone doing a competitive lap against the AI so people can actually SEE what happens.

The pre-orders release today, regular launch is the 14th. I bought the Gold Edition yesterday. Looking forward to trying this game out! First The Crew game for me :slight_smile:

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Unles they have their AMD driver issue sorted out, it’s a no-no here.

I’m playing it on the Xbox Series X.

Don’t know why, but I prefer racing on PC, a 32" monitor vs my 55" LG TV just works better for me. I noticed too many differences with FM7 that didn’t really compute, pretty much down to trying to make everything come in right on the bigger screen.

So they have to get the PC side sorted out properly for me.

Downloaded to PC, first problem hit quickly with a choice of “Windowed” or “Borderless” and no way to drop resolution in “Borderless”. That means detail and everything has to be dropped to keep it vaguely stable since it will only run in “Native” resolution. Result? 30 fps and still some stutters on a 6650XT. Unlike the likes of Starfield where you could drop resolution in “Borderless”. So if you want to drop down to 1440p you have to change your system screen resolution. No idea if “Windowed” will jump to full screen, but since the “maximise” button is greyed out and having a grey box around the game is not for me, and hasn’t been since the days of Windows 3.1, not wasting time trying to see.

Next up, you start driving and see the dreaded “Donut Media” banner. An instant turnoff for me.

Cars behave more like NFS than even FH manages. GPS voice is more tha annoying and rambles on more than a drunk politician.

Less than 10 minutes of 5 hour trial, uninstall. So many things from the get go. So glad I never handed money over, definitely not one for me.


Yeah, the Donut Media playlist was one of the first things I noticed when I started the game for the first time…it was followed by several expletives. It was bad enough in FH5. Hopefully it’s a one-and-done and we never see them again as they are just annoying…how anyone finds them remotely entertaining in the slightest is beyond me.

The GPS voice, I agree, is just beyond irritating…4th playlist done, numerous hours put in and won every race and yet we still get “Well done on the win, hopefully it’s the first of many” beated at you on re-entering free roam! Even when it’s not even the first win in the playlist. Really need to investigate if the voice can be switched off as it comes across as having been scripted by a 2 year old child.

As to the graphics, not entirely surprised…they seem to have done a half-hearted effort at it. I run the game in 4k and, whilst everything works, it plays havoc with my HDR…every time I finish playing, I have to go into Windows settings and disable HDR then re-enable it to get it working again! Only happens with this game…no clue what is wrong with it.

Car handling, I don’t mind the arcadey feel of it as I am a long fan of NFS…my biggest gripe is the sudden, completely random snap oversteer…one minute you are cornering well, next you are facing backwards because the sudden snap is uncontrollable (even with stability management assist turned on!)

Overall, I like the feel of the game but it has too many issues to recommend playing it…I’ll still play it as I bought it so I need to feel like I got my money’s worth (don’t want a repeat of last year when I bought COD and then gave up after 15 hours!)…plus I do enjoy the playlists and how they talk about histories of whatever etc

In this day and age, you should not be saying “Let me change game resolution without having to play in a window”. It’s like they basically ported the Xbox version without any consideration for individual PC users, and you don’t brag about a game if you can’t get that bit right because it’s such a basic.

At least they fixed their AMD driver problem, no idea how long that will last but I won’t be finding out anyway.

Yeah, that is a no-no. I don’t recall being given the option of either when I first started…mine displays in full screen without any borders like every other game I play…maybe it’s a resolution issue or it doesn’t like AMD GPUs

You have “Borderless” or “Windowed”. In Borderless it runs ONLY at whatever your Windows display settings are, no option to change. Want to change it, in the trial at least, then it has to be “Windowed” and that window gets smaller and smaller as you dial things back. So for full screen you have to change your windows display settings. You’ll likely find that goes across the board, as when you look online you actually get conflicting advice regarding how to set things, as if they were taking their notions from a beta because I couldn’t see “Windowed” “Fullscreen” anywhere.

Nope, not going to happen for one game. Their loss.

I have fun in Motorfest but what really sucks are the controls. You can’t redefine the bindings so you’re stuck with awful counterintuitive controls. With Manual default bindings XY is shifting, A is Nitro, LB is handbrake. Why not like in FH?

Also the Feats are annoying because your car will get reset back without being able to cancel it. So you drive around, blow past a speed camera and you get reset back. Why? It even said I achieved the right speed. You have to literally drive around the camera to avoid them which is annoying.

What’s good is the car list and customization. You have the Bugatti Centodieci, Voiture Noire, Red Bull F1 cars (also current ones!), motorcycles, airplanes. So many times I wonder “Why is The Crew able to get them and Forza isn’t??”

The map is better and more vibrant too. No to little pop-in, dense foliage, CITIES AND TOWNS. Also the map is fully 3D when you check the map out. It feels much more modern than Forza. Fast travel is instantaneous! No loading time!!

But Forza definitely beats Motorfest in car physics though, it’s unparalleled! Some of the tuning is better too. They’re adding more new cars and some bodykits. I’d say right now one game isn’t better than the other. They pretty much complement each other. If Forza wants to truly beat Motorfest than they need to ramp up customization and perhaps add a Car Show like in Motorfest. That’s a really cool feature for sure!