Do you think we'll get the wide body kits from Forza Horizon 3?

If we do, I hope it is a free DLC and not something we have to pay for

Doubt it.

Maybe in forza motorsport 7.

Every version of Forza Motorsport someone asks for this stuff, and it is not up to Turn 10 to slap things into the games - the manufacturers (and their legal staffs) negotiate the ways they wish to have their cars depicted. That’s why certain vehicle manufacturer only have certain rims available - they’ve got agreements with those companies for their cars.


I would almost gauruntee it for the next motorsport game. Turn10 and Playground seem to be working together on features all the time and on they’re so called Forza Tech. If you noticed rain effects are very similar from FH2 to Forza 6, same with the tire smoke that was greatly improved with FH2. Really all they would need to do for a motorsport game is increase the braking and cornering grip the wider tires would provide that you can now fit under the wide fenders. My hope is that if certain cars don’t have wide body kits available that they will offer “Forza” make fender flares similar to the forza bumper and wing to allow you to run a wider tire than normal.

I have a theory that Forza Motorsport 7 will be a launch title on Xbox Scorpio next year. Will most likely include 4K gaming at 60FPS, day/night/weather cycle, wide body kits from FH3, and possibly some other new features. I also think Forza 6 on Xbox one will get some expansions and DLC to keep it up to date and not piss off its player base like the wide body kits. Time will tell…

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As SnowOwl rightly points out, it’s not just a matter of dropping some generic kits into any game, be it Forza Motorsports 6 or the upcoming 7 that’s highly likely to drop alongside Scorpio in 2017.

Every manufacturer has limits as to how much damage can be shown on their vehicles. As many gamers have asked the most obvious questions, …“how come my Mercedes doesn’t crumble when I drive it headlong into a Wall”…

Mercedes Benz will not allow their vehicle to be shown with extensive damage. Or how much the car can be lowered or raised etc, or what rims, tyres and even simple number options that could be fitted.

If a manufacture gives the nod to allow these things for Horizon 3, then we will most likely see it replicated in Forza 7. But not in Forza 6.

But I strongly feel that the next iteration will not be what many might expect.

I feel that with Apex getting various adjustments, especially in areas that Forza 6 Xbox players have been asking for to be included in Forza 6 (Xbox), I believe we can expect that the next game be used more as a digital version and run on the Scorpio and Win10 machines. I think F7 will take the place of Apex.

Apex is most likely being used as a test to see how well the game can be implemented and how different aspects changed etc. Check out the latest updates for Apex to get an idea of some on the recent updates to gameplay.

It will be a very interesting time in late 2017.



No thanks.

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Error what?

Could you please spell that out for us nuts that can’t speak text-speak — please.


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I think he means JDM = JapaneseDriftMachines and R!C3 stands for Ricers (people who poorly upgrade their cars with some useless parts).

JDM is actually Japan Domestic Market

Thanks Rebel, most appreciated… Can get very confusing for us ‘normal’ plebs mate lol…


Thanks mate, most appreciated for the clarification.

Just a hint to other posters. For those of us not so conversant with certain termolgies, can you spell it out a little clearly please.

Just a simple, honest and polite request… Ok… :+1::smile:


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I don’t think so because that’s one of the new features and i think it would be exclusive in fh3 the first months. After that who knows. Because the hints are that fm7 will not come in 2017. I don’t believe turn 10 would put that much energy in fm6 if a new title arrives in 2017. So that they bring a dlc with widebodykits cars is not impossible.
But i don’t believe in it. For that you have hundred of racecars in fm6 what you don’t have in fh3, beside the motorsport dlc.

I think that with Scorpio hitting the bricks in around October-September 2017, and with the whole cross platform scheme going on, and the merging of getting players into playing on both Win10 and Xbox, that Scorpio would make the idea package to launch the next iteration of the Forza Franchise with.

It makes a lot of sense to ship it as a launch title, showing the two great ideas melding the two ideas together. Ideal time frame, seeing that they like to launch in that period due to holiday periods which gets the most out of the consumers purchase wise.

I’ve never known Forza to be launched in any other window. So I doubt it would be waiting til 2018 before releasing a game aimed at taking advantage of the whole new hardware?

Makes sense to launch it with the new hardware. They’ve done it several times already, whether the game was ready, or not. And we all know that for a fact, don’t we. Forza 5 was a typical example, wasn’t it?

The next iteration won’t be what we’ve been used to, but it should prove to be a very interesting time game advance,net rise, don’t you think?


Um, they confirmed wide body kits for horizon 3, don’t know if they’ll be free or not, but there will be wide bodies