Car customization options in FM7

Body kits and rims in FM7:

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A glimpse at the body kits from the E3 trailer:

All well and good, more of the traditional bodykits would be nice too.

But modt importantly different exhaust notes and such. I want my Impreza to sound like my Impreza. They always seem so timid and quiet in-game compared to reality. They can come record mine if they want a decent sound for crying out loud.


I love customization. It belongs into my holy trinity of a racing game: sound, driving feel and modding.
However ever since FM2 l’ve felt tuning cars have felt a bit out of place in Motorsport. Especially if you’re the only one in the field with a modded car.

Anyway anyway. I hope they innovate as much as they can so that all can be brought into Horizon 4 :slight_smile:

I think they also revealed we will be able to customize the driver which is a neat step forward. Just imagine the amount of Stigs we’ll see online.


I really hope they introduce a whole selection of upgradable features. We’ve had the same stuff for years. New engine parts, handling etc. And a range of body kits could and should improve the car.

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Turn 10s post says something about unprecedented tuning… so does that mean it’s been revamped and has many new options? If not that is very misleading because tuning hasn’t changed since Forza 2 and glitches never fixed also Forza is way behind in tuning options compared to what’s out there now.

Fingers crossed that the word “unprecedented” actually means a revamped upgrades menus and new tuning options…

Are tire widths finally going to expand outwards instead of inwards? Which will require you to put a wide body kit on? It might be a required option to get into certain classes?

They’re theoretical questions.

Tuning options are actually pretty on-par for what you can do in reality. It’s how it works that is janky.

Telemetry needs serious help.

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Yeah this has always bugged me.

Related to that, here’s another can of worms: Wheel spacers. Want to run 275’s on your 90’s Honda Civic? Okay, crazy guy.

But I’d MUCH rather see procedurally generated wheel hub placement (within the “drum” of the rim) that allows players to select offset. I wouldn’t expect Turn 10 to change the actual concavity angle of spokes based on offset unless they want to prove that they are the best developer EVAR.

But since Forza’s tire model accounts for sidewall flex, how about “Hipari” style stretched tires on a wider rim for the Drift look? Hell, ignore the physics if you want, Turn 10… just let players do it for visual variety and save the physics for FM8.

I hope to god this never gets added. Not only does it look ridiculous, it’s also extremely dangerous.

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I would hope to have all sizes available too. not jump from 185 to 245 to 295. I would like every size in between to choose from

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If you look at the tuning options for example in PCars the options in Forza are pretty simplified.

Where’s slow and fast damping, preload, steering lock…?

I really hope they introduce engine and aspiration tuning. Changing timing and boost levels. Maybe be more specific with compression ratios. It would be fun to consider what kind of pistons and compression to run when boosting the car instead of just buying the most expensive part and looking at the magical Pl number.

I would love to see body kits but only if they offer real performance gains. Cosmetic upgrades are no good for forza motorsport abd are much better suited to horizon

Well, speaking of Horizon, body kits already do change the cars’ performance in Forza Horizon 3 - and not just by increasing the weight. For starters, your car gets a higher handling rating, courtesy of the wider track. Aerodynamics are also affected.

That’s a very good point. Manufacturers do sell their own aftermarket packages, in addition to having performance and tuning divisions that sell them (i.e. Abarth for FIAT, SRT for Dodge, etc.).

I’d wager we aren’t likely to see interior customization any time soon, which is a shame because, in real life, cars going race ready with full race weight reduction and rollcages aren’t going to have five seats and other luxuries anymore.

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Let me turn the boost up/down on my turbochargers. Want to see cars pushing 1500HP easy

I agree better body kits such as porsche lambo ferrari RTR Mustang exc. And BOOST CONTROLLERS !!!

If they allow boost control and ECU tuning that opens up a can of worms potentially, but it would give more value to “Tuner” players sharing their work. As long as there is a risk/reward trade off it could be really interesting, but I would be surprised if Turn 10 opened that up.

Is there any news about new rims or new body kits?

I seem to recall Dan Greenawalt say in an interview that there will be more rims. Specifically, he mentioned the addition of more “race spec” rims, like what you see on GT and prototype racing cars (with the single lug). I’ll have to see if I can find the clip.

As far as body kits go, right now there is nothing new, but they definitely are returning from FH3.

Edit: Here you go - E3 2017: Forza Motorsport 7 Interview With Dan Greenawalt - YouTube

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