Do you ever start to get mainly expensive cars from wheelspins?

For the people who are on a much higher level than my lowly 400 ish, can you tell me, do you start to get better cars once you have all the cheaper cars? I’ve received hardly any cars worth 500k+ from wheelspins, and I’m just wondering whether this remains the case and you just keep getting duplicates, or if the game eventually starts throwing Koenigseggs, Bugattis and Ferraris at you?

No. I mean technically yes, because it’s a numbers game, so play long enough and you’re bound to get that awesome moment with 3 FE cars or 3 10mil cars.

But cars are supposed to be duplicated, clothing items are not (as per an employee of PG).

I have 5 Morris Minors, 4 VW Beetles, 5 Corsas, 5 Astras, etc. You do get a lot of duplicate cares, that I have to remove because no one will buy them from the auction house. I am not a lot higher than you in terms of level, 457 if I remember correctly (257 prestige 1).

But you will always get duplicate cars.

No, just a bunch of duplicates. And if you are like me and are cursed you’ll just keep getting duplicates and clothes until you have every article of clothing in the game. I just did a super wheelspin and got 3 pieces of common/uncommon clothing, no cars, no money, just clothes.

I am only level 68 and I had 6 super wheelspins. I got 14 pieces of clothing, dances etc and 4 common cars(Jag f pace, BMW M2, Silvia K plus a couple of other forgettable ones). I had ordinarily wheelspin where I got a duplicate Land Rover FE…

I suppose the best cars I have had from wheelspins are the FE Bentley and the BMW FE drift skills car.

I think I’m level 650-ish, and I do get a slightly better rate of epic and legendary cars, mainly because I have most of the clothing items etc. This means that more prize spots are taken by money or cars. I’ve started to get the occasional duplicate epic car, for instance, which can at least be sold at auction for a good return as well. The main effect I’ve noticed of being a higher level is more money prizes, both small and large. Of course, the flip side is less wheel spins in general as it takes more XP to level up anything.

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I’m around 650 as well with lots of duplicates. All the cars I have left to get are 2 million and up. So i’m gonna have to grind hard to buy the remaining cars or get SUPER lucky on those spins. Even the legendary cars I have won on wheelspins were duplicates

If it’s only slightly better, I think I’m going to have to give up on the game. I have like 4 decent cars I’ve received for free from the 400+ levels so far. There’s no way I can justify putting in the time needed if the rate is going to carry on even remotely close to that. The game is obviously for people who want playing it to be their full time occupation. At least FM7 worked through pretty much all of the cars in the level up rewards, giving 400k discount, no duplicates, and the cars were a lot cheaper. I think I’ve already put as much time into FH4 as it took to get all the cars in FM7.

I have gotten an Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale through an early wheelspin which is apparently worth 10 millions. So as much as it sucks to hear, it simply comes down to luck. :confused:

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I see I can’t even solve the problem by going to a PS4 and GT because they’ve made that just as bad, possibly even worse:

“The problem is that the grind (and Sport is a grind) is mind-numbing and seems to never, ever have an end.”
“You can’t sell prize cars for credits”

Sounds familiar!!!

I tried the Project Cars 2 demo, and it’s absolutely terrible, with awful graphics and handling that is nothing at all like driving a real car.

So it seems I’m out of luck if I want a driving game that comes ready to enjoy out of the box instead of being the equivalent of buying a new house and receiving some bricks and bags of cement and being told you should enjoy the time it’s going to take you to turn it into something inhabitable.

Yourlevel its not important. I got Jaguar D type, ford GT40 and porsche 917 from wheelspins all the time. Now I am at 1st star 233 lvl

Grrrrrrrrrrr :wink:

A typical super wheelspin seems to give me 2000 credits, an item of female clothing, and yet another mx-5.

I have had a few decent cars from wheelspins, e.g. Senna, Centenario, Aventador FE were all welcome, but that must be out of 800 wheelspins, I haven’t spotted any way in the game to see how many wheelspins I’ve had, so I’m just guessing at roughly 2 per level.

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The regular wheelspins I let the roller stop on its on, super wheelspin I stop right before it stops spinning itself. The super prizes seem to be better when you stop the rotation yourself

Well, after realising that the way to progress in the game isn’t to take part in races or rivals, rather it’s to drift up and down the airstrip in the M6 FE monotonously for long periods of time, so you can unlock wheelspin perks on cheap duplicate cars before deleting them, I now have the D-Type! Top 0.07% on the motorway speed camera, and a big chunk of those above me pretty obviously cheated. My FH4 life is now complete :wink:

With the rate at which wheelspins can be obtained via M6 FE + airstrip skill points, it’s seeming more achievable to get all the cars I care about without it taking hundreds of hours. The only thing I’d question is whether it’s sensible for the game to be biased towards such a low skill time consuming approach rather than encouraging players to become more skilled at racing and rivals.

Ponder at why all else have this problem bad luck? Impossible to satisfy? Expect to have the special and rare, non buyable car just given out of entitlement?

I mean seriously. The purpose of rarity is not everybody has one. I got a wide range of usable and fun cars. I have won multiple nice cars and enjoy my wheelspins and love when I get that special something! Perhaps because I am not approaching it like the game is about wheelspins. It is about racing through the countryside. I have bought expensive, and won expensive. And when I win, it is fun because I do not have the feeling of entitlement to it.

Perhaps less focus on farm/grind and exploits would be more fun and less burnout from the game. Yeah, peeps want to be completionist, but if you got the game with the focus of just having every car… vOv then. From a business standpoint, it is the better way to go. It maintains interest for a majority of player base by having goals attainable, but effort enough to feel value in doing it. How much interest or rarity would be had if everybody was out driving about in an original Testa Rossa?

I have never seen anybody driving my birdcage or vintage ferrari in game. Not just buyable so part of my enjoyment is in their rarity in the game. And it brings interest to peeps who see em. Once and a while myself and my friend bring our unable to buy classics to forzathons and they attract attention just as if they showed at a car show.

Same friend when we got game immediately got gremlins to go out and about. Usually peeps get a kick out of em. Right now is summer cult classic cars. Gremlins everywhere so nobody pays much care til they notice all the detail and effort we put into our vinyls.

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This is nonsense I’m afraid. PG didn’t need to attach an arbitrarily lengthy grind or RNG focused economy to preserve the sense of vehicles being rare.

There are several, less offensive approaches that would make cars feel rare, yet obtainable. Simply unlocking specific cars when certain levels are achieved would do the trick.

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Im at level 800 and for the all wheelspins i have got so far i have got d-type, 250 testarossa (i got both of these in like in first few day) after that i have got ferrari f50gt and ferrari 288, those all the over 1m credit cars i have got so far. Oh i forgot i have got 2 porche cayanne that are wheelspin only legendary, too bad cant sell that other one. But my latest legendary cars are been fairlady z, old porche 911 and some other cheep one that dont sell even in starting price. Would be nice to get even 1 car that i miss before i have buy all of them.

IDK, I have a handful of cars valued at 10,000,000, I didn’t buy them, they would have been from wheel spins. I’ve also got 4 VW beetles and several common duplicates

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The best cars I’ve gotten are the 250 Testa Rossa, McLaren F1 GT, and Porsche 918. I have almost all emotes and a load of clothes, the cloths get replaced by 2,000 and 5,000 credit rolls. I got more rare cars off the auction house.

I’ve only gotten 1 car past $1M, the '62 250 GTO, as well as 2 FE cars. Other than that, I either get decent cars, 50k+ credits, or the cosmetic customizations. Also, I’ve spun over 200 wheelspins and around 20 super wheelspins.

i get expensive cars from time to time. Got the Agera, Aventador FE and Aventador, 166MM Barchetta($6.5 million Ferrari), etc. i already have all my favorite cars in-game. didn’t take me that long to get them. what i really want is my leather cowboy hat, which i’ve yet to get. come close a few times, but no.

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