Do you ever start to get mainly expensive cars from wheelspins?

I got my first 10 million car at 150, then got a veneno around 250., now I am level 338 and I just got a beetle rally car which I think is over 2 million

I just did 25 wheelspins and got 3 green cars. Haha ridiculous…

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I once obtained a 33 Stradale and a 250 California through Wheelspins. I was not so happy actually because I’d like to earn these cars by myself but not through lottery.

Several days ago I purchased a Maserati A6GCS using my earned money and I was very happy. I don’t have a lot of time to play FH4, but I’d still like to buy cars using earned money and take the time to achieve.

It’s useful to know that people have got the F1 GT and Porsche 917 from wheelspins, as those are about the only 5m+ cars I don’t have that are of much interest to me now the game has given me the D-Type from a wheelspin. The others don’t really seem to be leaderboard contenders, so in fairness to the devs, they look to have kept the prices reasonable for most of the likely leaderboard cars, or made them not too rarely won via wheelspins.

I got d-type on wheelspin. And i got two 10m cars on wheelspins on first 3 days but after that it takes 25 days before i got next 10m car. Legendary drop rate is like 3-5% and there is so mutch cheep stuff so it’s still really lucky to get these expensive cars on wheelspins. Or then i am really unlucky because i have got like 4 audi rs7 and 2 or 3 porsche 911 3,3. I have also got 2 those wheelspin only porsche cayanne.