DLC cars Not free for Multiple Profiles on same Xbox?!

Absolutely love Horizon 4, but I’m a little irked by the fact that only one profile in a house/on an Xbox gets the DLC cars for free (in game currency) - unless I’m missing something. If I’ve paid for them, why can’t other profiles on the same Xbox get them without using in game currency? Please address this Turn 10/Playground.

You could just make extra profiles and sell the cars on the auction house, ruin the economy for those cars and possibly all. It’s sad for those that do have two people on one Xbox but makes sense from a game perspective.

I assume. I haven’t thought about it before.

Doesn’t really make sense because everyone gets them free if they have the DLC purchased. Not many people are buying DLC cars on the auction house.

Gaming2600 - I believe what you are saying, but haven’t tested this for myself.

For Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 7, ALL purchased DLC was accessible for all users/profiles on XBOX One. I was under the impression it would be the same for Forza Horizon 4.

But it is
Do you have the console set as your home console
And make sure you have the dlc actually installed
Someone i know had the same issue yesterday and it was because the actual dlc files hadnt been unstalled…main profile had access without it being installed

Thanks for the responses. Just to clarify, the other profiles in our house can access the DLC cars, but they have to pay in-game currency for them. Whereas, the first profile in the house to download them gets them for free. That’s a problem when you’ve got a house full of Forza/car fanatics.

This is how it’s always been. Only the GT it was bought under gets them in game for free. Other profiles need to pay with in game currency. Just like how the vip only gives double credits to the purchasing GT. If you would want VIP or the cars without paying in game, then you would have to purchase them on the Microsoft website on a computer. Because if you try on the Xbox it says it’s already downloaded.

Not correct…
Starting with fm6 and then up to now the other gts on the same console also were able to get them free…before that they had access but had to pay ingame credits for them
I have done so in fm6 fh3 and fm7 with 5 other gts
And if set up correctly you get them free in this game too
I personally havent tried this in fh4 but i know peope who have

But maybe they have changed it since gamepass has been included …
Since those gamepass people have access to the drift pack and bond pack…even though they really shouldnt since they havent even bought the game

Well idk how because I’ve recently played fm6 h3 and fm7 and I had to buy the cars with in game credits on my second account.

Do you have your console set as your home console for your main account

Ok so I’ve started playing with one of other gamertags
Finally got to the point where i can buy cars
Gone to the DLC section in the autoshow
ALL DLC cars are there and available to me for FREE for this gamertag
ViP is working no issue…
So far everything is working for me exactly the same as it did for fh3 and fm7

I have the console set to home for my main GT and also set to home for all my other GTs as well

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I found that on my GT that bought the game, I had to go to the Microsoft store on Xbox and go to fh4 UE, scrolled down to what’s included.

They all show installed except for car pass, it just shows owned. I selected it, and chose install, it installed all current individual cars from the car pass. At this point the other GT’s on my console can now buy them for free.