Car Pass Not Free Question

I’ve looked through the FAQ’s and this wasn’t clarified…

If an Xbox user buys the Car Pass DLC, how many users (using same XBone) will be able to receive those DLC cars for free in their buy cars section?

There are three of us who all use the same XBone, only one of us has Gold (for obvious reasons). But, the person with the Gold bought the Car Pass, and the cars are free for the profile that bought it, plus another profile, but the third user has to use in-game credits to purchase the cars. They are available to buy and rent for free, but they’re not free to buy like the other accounts/users. Is this normal? We figured the cars included with the Car Pass would be free for all the home users on that XBone?

I think your question has an unverifiable answer which varies from user to user. Some have reported that no other profiles on their consoles have been able to benefit from the one-time free purchase of DLC vehicles to their garage. Interestingly, you report at least one other profile has benefitted from the freebies while the other account has been stuck with using credits. At this point, it’s tough to say how this works out and seems to be one of the issues with DLC content amongst multiple users on one console.

To that end, I would not expect any kind of official response nor a fix to this odd situation. It appears that it is what it is and, fortunately, not an issue where other console users are unable to access DLC altogether. Time for that third profile to start racking up the credits!


That’s basically what I was afraid of. None of us really play a lot, so being able to get them free to mess around with would’ve been cool. Oh well.