Divetar difficulty is still an issue, no matte how well you do, they cheat

I can win by crashing into walls, still feels cheap/


I agree. In Horizon 4 at highly skilled I could race cleanly and beat the Driveatars without too much bother. Now in Horizon 5 at Highly Skilled, in many car classes I’m forced to slide around walls, dive bomb corners and take out cars in front. Seems a backward step. I want a driving game not a demolition derby game.


I suppose they solved the barrier problem now that everyone hits the barriers.

I suppose that as you are a game designer you should have a relatively more substantial reply to this relatively huge problem.!?

This game is already written by Playground Games. You want me to solve their problems? I can’t even see the code.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one. Honestly thought I was going crazy lol.
I went back to FH4 to check and easily stayed ahead on Highly skilled. In FH5 though, I’ve really struggled on some of the seasonal championship races. Constantly getting passed up by second place and sometimes having to cheese it by ramming them just to get back ahead.
This is especially true on circuits with lots of sharp turns and hairpins, drivatars just blast through them. Bringing back bad memories of having to do unbeatable for seasonals early in FH4.

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Well, it’s even not about difficulty, these AI cars cheats.

Look (Goliath):

Image1 : They’re far in my back

Image 2 : Still far away.

Image 3 : Oh by miracle, in 5 seconds, they’ve win 15 seconds…

Image 4 : near the arrival… the AI have again win something like 10 secs… I guess by miracle?

My rythm was always the same, constant speed, etc… And at the arrival, it was at 2 seconds in my back… So, how this can be even called AI? Difficulty is not the problem here. The things are just… Unfair. They… cheat.


Yeah that’s the rubber banding problem, we don’t want that.


I’d say ‘expert’ is the new ‘unbeatable’, meaning I can win there reliable without much efford and with most cars and while driving clean.
Professional is now a tough challenge, unbeatable even more so… which I think is actually a good thing. Yeah, the ai gets a boost, it needs it. Its called ‘unbeatable’ for a reason, gives you something to aspire.
In FH4 I ended up with counting the seconds I need to take the first place in an unbeatable race. Thats the metric I grade my tunes there. Below 30 seconds is 10/10.
I think I prefer it this way. Why shouldn’t the highest difficulty level be actually unbeatable?

Sure, it would be better if the ai would actually drive better instead of just making them faster…
I also think they just gave them a start-boost to keep you from just overtaking them all in the first 100m, so that you actually get a proper race.

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Drivatars have super grip tires, for no wheel spin on start, then just power past on any straights.
Was just testing few different setups for Lotus Elan, that might run the trial, well every time they just power into the distance.
Corners maybe match them, then I’m missing another engine at the back, to match their acceleration out of the corner.
Build a car with all the power… well it might match them on straights, corners … wallride, or what?

So with that, I’m not even gonna bother with any way or form of drivatars, I’m a simple casual, that wants to have fun and relax doing playlist, not being a super pro…