Drivatar difficulty and behavior discussion

Is it just me or are the drivatars way to unbalanced at the moment ? Yeah we all wanted a challenge and the drivatars on FH4 were super easy to beat but, holy Jesus, these fh5 drivatars are on rails ! Unbeatable is actually unbeatable… and i’m not a bad driver at all. Pro drivatars are op as well… i have trouble to keep track with expert drivatars !!! Its Hella frustrating :sob::sob::sob:


Why is the AI so freaking fast? Started a race with stockish cars, mainly retro Rally cars. Most of which have 4 cylinders, I was driving the Evo VI, and in the turns, I’d pass them, but on the straights, they’d all blow past me as if they were making 7-800hp, and all of which sounded like they had V8’s. Is this just me? My car stock is middle B class, so I did power upgrades to make it B700, and Its like I’m racing against cars modified to S class.


What difficulty level are you set too?

I noticed this morning when I completed the first couple of races that “Unbeatable” is actually a challenge so far which is a welcomed change!!

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Here we go, this guys again.

So obnoxious


I agree, unbeatable is impossible, professional is unbalanced and specialist is very easy.

They remind me of the FH3 drivatars at launch, the laws of physics don’t exist for them and 2 or 3 drivatars race alone on the front.

I hope they contract again the drivatars from FH4. :slight_smile:


Unbeatable should be unbeatable, you just have to go lower than Unbeatable.

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Yeah i i feel that…

The drivatars got crazy ! I have nothing against actual unbeatable unbeatable drivatars… but i cant keep up with experienced drivatars on some races ! Expert and pro the same. Especially in the cross country and street scene races !

I played every forza (Motorsport or Horizon) at pro or unbeatable and never had big issues with keeping up. Now i have doubt in my own skills ! Its frustrating and bothers me much !


ive really only been playing on average and above-average mostly.
they feel the same at that level.

i might say that above-average is slightly harder now than it was in fh4. but that could have been me or the particular car/race
need more testing

drivatars learn all the time from habits of the player/owner. so maybe theyve just got better?

or its a bug?

or unbeatable does mean unbeatable now.

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Nope, the difficulty has been upped along with the vehicles having proper upgrades (IE 350Z with dirt tires that was also used for all road races)

The other nutty thing is how you can have a car that out accelerates every car on field, out turns them on every corner, and out runs them with overall speed, and about 1/2 through the last lap, get past and watch them pull away. It’s humorous at times, but i’ve also watched themselves wreck hard into a tree and just sit there…


This is going to be controversial but I think FH5 actually finally fixed the AI. I feel like to beat them you have to actually drive good, not just kit out a car specifically. The game doesn’t feel biased against RWD cars anymore so if you’ve got the chops you can make any car a contender.

I had to lower the difficulty from my usual Pro to Expert but it finally feels like I’m getting a fair race.


That’s definitely controversial because the new AI is the opposite of fair. Haven’t you noticed the drivatars are now completely on rails and don’t obey the physics of the game? In FH4, the drivatars would often crash, overshoot turns, and miss checkpoints which is of course how it should be because this is real, fair race behavior. Now, that never happens. It’s not a fair race at all. In FH5, you might as well be given a time you have to beat to win the race because there’s little if any real-world influence on the drivatars.


Right now the Drivatars have no data or history to re-enact their real life counterparts. In the next weeks and months you’ll start to see them turn viscous.

Now is a good time to clean out your friends list of the people you know are rammers!!!


Does anyone really believe in this myth? Drivatars are just simple AI-drivers with a fancy name. They do not “learn” much but they do adapt or adjust a bit during races.

The reason why they are faster is simply because they have been given a lot of extra boost & grip. Drivatars do not need to fight the same physics as we do,
they are on rails. But I`ve still been able to win all the big races on unbeatable; The Goliath, The Colossus & The Marathon. But I had to go down to class D and tune up a
4WD 1965 Mini cooper to do that, and it was such a hard fight & some failed attempts


Here is a great example of Drivatar antics, I have a group of 3 good friends that drive clean with very little contact and are extremely fast. I also had a couple of friends that were crazy characters and they drove like mad men, always ramming their way through the pack and wrecking every Drivatar that was near them. This was their whole strategy to win races!

So when we raced each night with my good friends, the championships we completed was some great racing. The Drivatar’s drove hard clean lines on Unbeatable. When 1 or both of the rammer friends joined the convoy the driving happens of the Drivatar’s changed and all of a sudden they became the most aggressive rammers and race after race was just terrible.

So yes, it is true that Drivatar’s take on the driving habits of you and everyone.

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LOL, it’s network related. Some of your wreckers don’t have good net.


I don’t think the Drivitars are reactive, are they?


If the Trial is going to have unbeatable difficulty it’ll become quite a task.
Without a good build it’s incredibly though to keep up with them on certain tracks. In Horizon 4 I could beat unbeatable with basically every car.
Here it’s a struggle even in my fastest ones.


I wish Ai did learn like that using Neural Networks, but I don’t think PG are programming Neural Networks yet. Anyway they would definitely have mentioned it.

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I don’t mind the difficulty. I like having unbeatable live up to its name. It’s the blatent, flagrant cheating that gets under my skin. I’ve said it a million times before, but I’d much prefer if they just got a PI advantage at harder levels then seeing the stuff they pull in order to be competitive.


Since FM5 and FH3 “Drivatars” have learned and used the driving characteristics of the actual person. You’ll need to go back to when those games were released to find the write ups about how they function.