Dirty laps.

Firstly, this game is simply AMAZING but, is anyone else experiencing every lap being marked as “dirty” - even the laps that you KNOW are clean??? Also, there’s no indication as to if you dirty a lap during the race either. My HUD is set to “Default”.

Glad you’re having fun! Mods will mark laps as dirty.

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Is that all mods, or just the ones that improve performance? I don’t see why grid position or XP boost for example, would have any effect.

All, even Dares which make it harder to win dirty it.

Ohhhhh ok…lol. Thank you, kind sir! Best Forza yet!!!

With the timing interface set to conditional I’m pretty sure it isn’t flagging my times as dirty while I’m racing.

I know the laps count as dirty if they are in the leaderboards, but there isn’t anything in the cockpit or HUD to show a dirty lap in progress? I ran quite a few laps in the full game that I thought were perfect and clean and they still came up dirty, even without any mods??

If you draft it will be dirty… It’s hard to get clean laps outside of rivals mode.

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I noticed this as I was playing career mode today. Couldnt tell if my laps were dirty or not.

Its little things like this that drive me crazy.

Loving the game so far, but why take away little things like this??

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If you use MODS the lap will bee dirty

Hmm haven’t seen a dirty lap did they take that out

I think it only shows the icon in rivals.

Hi all living the forza 6 dream and loving it but I seem to have a problem with my laps. All my lap times are posting as dirty laps ( yellow triangle )
I have made sure I have done the odd clean lap to check and still posts as dirty. Is there something I’m doing wrong
Also not getting triangle in lap times during race to show if your current lap is dirty or clean.
Hope some forza nut that’s more forza nutty than me can shed a little light on it for me. Well back to racing Thanks in advance wacker67

Are you setting times in career or in rivals mode? In career mode on FM6, it never shows a dirty lap indicator even if it is a dirty lap which most of the time it will be in a career race due to drafting with other cars. The best way to set lap times is in rivals mode as it will tell you when you dirty your lap. Also, if you use mods in career races, your time will go below clean and dirty laps on the leaderboards.

prior versions of FM put an exclamation point on a dirty lap if you went off the track, this does not happen on FM6? Im in the season mode by the way.

If you go into time attack then the exclamation mark will appear when you do a “dirty” lap.
My guess is that in the career mode, it is next to impossible to get a clean lap anyway, so they decided not even bother showing you the exclamation mark.

In career mode when you set a time that is “dirty”, it will show up as dirty on the leaderboards.

Where is the time attack? I cant find it:(

There are no dirty laps in career, and laps in career aren’t entered onto the leaderboards.

However, the game does track laps in career so you can beat other drivers.

It’s not called time attack in game, it’s called rivals.

As Danowat said, it’s under Rivals.